Impress Guests With These Simple, Yet Stand-out Food Catering Ideas

What are some ideas for unique and simple wedding food catering?

  1. Bite-sized food style
  2. Food truck style
  3. Wedding party potluck style


Simple is beautiful. Celebrations don’t always have to mean an elaborate display of design, venue, or even food catering for weddings. What’s important are the treasured memories and the fact that the people you invited as trusted and loving guests are there to witness a life-changing event.

However, this doesn’t mean that preparations are just so-and-so. Making last minute hassles—trying to find a venue, a catering service, or (event) coordinators—will take so much out of you and your partner. You want to keep it simple, but you want it to be an unforgettable reception for the beloved guests. Ease your worries, and plan how you will execute that unique yet uncomplicated food catering with these suggestions:


Bite-sized Food Style

To summarize this in two words that will surely catch your guests’ attention: mini food! That’s right! If you want to show a simple yet new experience for everyone, why not try teasing the guests with bite-sized catering food? It doesn’t literally mean you’ll be making miniature versions of food (like those Japanese mini-kitchen videos you may have come across on social media). Rather, you’ll produce a menu where guests are left wanting for more, so they’ll ask for seconds or come back to the buffet area.

Sample menus for this style include:

Buttermilk (fried) chicken and waffles — have servings of small waffle slices and fried buttermilk chicken cut in nugget-shaped sizes. You could have a small container or a small saucer (depending on how creative or unique you can get) with syrup in it for dipping.

Food pops — it’s like candy pops, but using food like mac n’ cheese or even meatballs coated in a special sauce, for instance. As candy pop makers get creative with how they present their sweet desserts, so can you! Get your creative juices flowing and experiment with which food pops your guests might want to try. You can even surprise your guests by letting them choose which food pop they think would make their mouths water.

Miniature desserts —— if the theme of your food catering will focus solely on sweets, then opt for this one. Desserts can be better appreciated in moderation. Guests will be satisfied with small portions of dessert. Go for cute and photo-worthy miniature sweets. This includes bite-sized donuts of varying flavors (for example, munchkin-type donuts), graham balls, or even miniature ice cream complete with finger-length cones and different flavor options. This could either be done in a buffet style or single-serving only.


Food Truck Style

Food Truck Style

One of the unique ideas on this list would be a food truck-style wedding food catering service. Food trucks are common in countries such as the United States. They range from ice cream trucks parked outside schools to tasty taco-selling trucks on a freezing day. With this said, it will be quite an uncommon experience to bring the idea of a ‘food truck’ in the country.

Since we’re aiming for simplicity, it doesn’t necessarily require that you rent actual trucks and have them decorated just to say that it’s truly one of a kind. Why not go for something as simple as our favorite go-to food parks with stalls (or tables) instead of actual vehicles? Besides, what we’re after is the vibe that guests are eating from food trucks by including hamburgers, grilled cheese sandwiches or sliders, barbecue, sushi, ice cream in the menu. You could even substitute the “American” food truck menu for Filipino flavors such as tusok-tusok food.


Wedding Party Potluck Style

Wedding Party Potluck Style

Here’s an idea which calls for guest participation: instead of asking your guests for gifts, why not ask them to bring their share of dishes for the wedding day? Of course, certain rules still apply such as letting them know beforehand how many people will be present at the event. Give them the final count and not just an estimate. Brief them on your requirements: is there a theme? What are the menus already offered by others?

This idea also appeals to guests whom you and your partner may be very close to. You can’t expect all guests to comply, so you must respect the declination of those who don’t plan on joining this unique potluck idea. As much as possible, limit the guest list to your close relatives and friends.


Key Takeaway

What will impress your guests are the innovative ways to play with the wedding reception, especially in the food catering segment, as well as the modesty which comes with executing the service. Planning is as important as the nuptial day itself, so keep it simple yet amusing with the power of originality.

Bringing Elegance in your Celebration

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