Looking For A Gift For A Debutante? Here Are 10 Classic Gift Ideas

What gifts can I give to a debutante?

  1. Skincare kit
  2. Makeup kit
  3. Hairstyling tools
  4. Jewelry
  5. Clothing
  6. Pampering gift
  7. Portable speakers
  8. Phone projector
  9. Instant camera
  10. Class accessories

Birthdays are a special occasion, especially when it’s a young girl’s 18th birthday. In the Philippines, we celebrate this event with a coming-of-age ceremony — a debut — to mark a Filipina’s first step into adulthood.

If you’re attending one soon or planning a family member’s debut, the gift you bring to a debut needs to be special. Choosing the right one can be hard, but don’t fret. Here is our list of the top ten gifts for debutantes.

Whether you’re selected as one of the 18 treasures, or simply want to give something to the birthday celebrant, we have just the thing here that will make a memorable present for them.

Skincare Kit

Skincare Products

One thing that most — if not all — blooming young teenagers need is some help with their skin. At their age, issues like acne, blackheads, oily skin, and more are common and can affect their confidence.

You can give them a kit of high-quality face masks, toner, lotions, creams, and more to help them out. Even if their skin is fairly clear, this gift can still be enjoyed on their self-care nights.

Makeup Kit

You can give them their first starter makeup kit. Many young girls are interested in makeup, yet don’t know where to begin. In that case, you could give her a package with all the essentials — sunblock, BB cream, pressed powder, blush, and lipstick she could use daily. You can add a personal touch by including tips on how to use each item.

If they’re already into using such products, you could still give them a set or two from a high-end brand — this is sure to melt her heart, and make for a worthwhile investment as she develops her makeup skills.

Hairstyling Tools

If you’re unsure of what makeup or skincare products to get her, you could also go for some hair styling tools like a flat iron or hairdryer. If you’re willing to splurge, many sets come with brushes and attachments to help her achieve several different hairstyles. This could be a practical gift that she can use to get ready for school — and eventually, work — for years to come!



Most teenagers have a collection of pretty but inexpensive jewelry. A really good gift idea is to present her with a beautiful, dainty, and timeless piece that she can use for special occasions — such as dinners, dates, or even her graduation day. For example, you could give her a silver monogrammed necklace or a pair of pearl earrings, which are classy and easy-to-style gifts for a young girl.


Likewise, you could also try buying her new clothes that feel more mature and will suit her next phase in life. You could give her a dress she could wear to a party, some fashionable tops for future dates, or a few business casual sets she could use for internship interviews. Just make sure that these pieces still reflect her style.

Pampering Gift

You can also choose a gift that could make the celebrant feel extra special for the occasion — like a gift card to a local spa or salon. She could use this gift to have her nails done, get glammed up with a new hairstyle or makeup look, and she could even get a relaxing massage before her big day.

Portable Speakers

Portable Speakers

Some girls may be difficult to buy for — especially if they deviate from typical “girly” gifts, such as clothes and makeup. If the birthday celebrant falls under this category, a tech-related gift may be a better choice for her.

For young girls that are always on the go, some portable speakers can be a useful and enjoyable gift. They’ll love playing their favorite songs using their brand new speaker on all their adventures with their friends.

Phone Projector

Does she love watching movies and videos online? Try getting her a phone projector. They’re a handy way to share and enlarge the media they love to binge-watch on weekends. All they’d need to do is attach their smartphone to the projector, and they can have a cinema experience in the comfort of their room.

You can even memorably present this gift. During their debut, you can play all the great photos and videos you have with them using your gift — they’ll surely feel your sentiments and affection this way.

Instant Camera

Instant Camera

For the debutant who loves to capture every special moment, there’s no better gift than an instant camera. While giving something high-tech is tempting, young teenagers are big on nostalgic trends — like having an old-school film camera that provides film or polaroids of their everyday moments.

This gift will help her preserve memories, and is something she can use with friends, at other parties, in her travels, and other big events they want to remember.

Class Accessories

You could also give them a safe yet practical gift for their upcoming college years. Nowadays, online class accessories — like monitor stands, keyboards and mouse combos, microphones, organizers, mood lamps, and other aesthetically pleasing yet functional items are all the rage. Giving her one or two new things she could use for her online classes will be much appreciated.

Key Takeaway

Picking out a gift for a debutante can be challenging, but with these suggestions that strike a balance between hobbies, aesthetics, and functionality, you’re sure to find the right one for the birthday girl!

For more debut planning tips, check out Juan Carlo’s website. For years we have had the pleasure of catering for thousands of debuts, helping to create the perfect celebration. Read more about our debut services here.

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