Bridal Shower Checklist: 7 Things to Remember

24th November 2016

Your best friend just asked you to be one of her bridesmaids in her upcoming wedding and requested that you plan her bridal shower. You say yes of course even if you don’t know the first thing about planning a bridal shower. You start thinking of the best hotels, hosts, and catering in Manila. There are gifts to find, guests to talk to, and food to taste – it’s all so confusing and overwhelming! But don’t panic. Calm down and don’t fret; just take it step by step and you’ll see how simple it actually is. 


First, you have to set a date. Conducting it two to four weeks before the big day is a safe bet because around this time, the bride would’ve finished majority – if not all – of the wedding planning already. The bridal shower would serve as a nice way to enjoy and unwind from all that preparation. This will also give the bride’s relatives, who live out of town, the chance to attend especially since the date is near the wedding. 

Guest List

Traditionally, bridal showers are reserved for female guests only and usually, first on this list are the family members and relatives of the bride and groom. Nowadays the bridal shower doesn’t follow these customs anymore; this means that more male guests are attending and numerous friends are part of the event now. When making the guest list, the best approach is to coordinate with the bride regarding who to invite. Make sure that everyone who are important to the couple will be there. 



Think of a theme and keep that in mind when preparing the decorations, program, and food. The theme doesn’t have to be so complicated. If you’re not sure what to choose, brainstorm with the other bridesmaids in order to come up with a theme that the bride would appreciate. The theme could be a formal, casual, or semi-formal event or, if you want, it could reflect the bride’s favorite cuisine, country, or movie. 


Now that you have a guest list and theme, you have to decide where to hold the shower. Make sure that the location can accommodate the number of guests invited. You should also see to it that the venue fits the theme. Imagine having a formal shower on a beach…that would just be uncomfortable in so many ways. 


It’s time to let the guests know that they’re invited to the bridal shower! Include essential information in your invitation such as theme, attire, and the RSVP deadline. Chances are, some will not reply immediately so make sure to follow up and call these guests. 



Decide whether to have full meals or light snacks for the shower; but whatever you decide, make sure that you don’t overspend. Talk to your friends and see if you can provide the food yourselves or if you need to hire professional caterers. Make sure that the food and drinks that will be served will revolve around the theme or doesn’t interfere with it. 


Finally, decorate the location just to add icing on top of the cake. Be at the venue a day before the occasion and see to it that it is how you and the bride imagined it. Check if the theme is reflected and that all the elements – such as lighting, centerpieces, tables, and chairs – are as you want them to be.

Now that it’s broken down, planning a bridal shower isn’t that complicated anymore. Just make sure that the bride, or someone close to the bride, is part of your planning so that you can organize the shower that she deserves.

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