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Juan Carlo The Caterer – Setting The Standard

Having been the consistent choice of many of tinsel town’s biggest celebrities and being one of the best in the catering arena, Juan Carlo is an expert in defining the quality of its service. Engineer Alex Michael U. Del Rosario, president and owner of Juan Carlo, accentuates the importance of acquiring an effective system flow of operations. He focuses on the functionality of operations, creativity and sophistication in design, elegance and luxury type of service.

Juan Carlo gives only the best and what its clients deserve. Time for them is LUXURY and every second counts, every single detail matters. Juan Carlo makes sure it delivers total serenity to its patrons and gives a luxury experience that will last for eternity. For Juan Carlo, LUXURY is now the standard of the company. It provides more contact and establishes good relationship with their clients. Juan Carlo spends more time to craft their service to meet their clients’ needs and expectations. It responds quickly and treats each event a priceless masterpiece and a fundamental part of their luxury service.

Every department acquires high quality materials such as fine linens, spacious laundry room and advanced kitchen equipment to keep their staff motivated in doing a streamlined food production and systematic operation.

Now, Juan Carlo steps to a higher level of professional craftsmanship to deliver a more comfortable and professional business experience to their patrons. The company is aware that luxury service means a mistake free service, an experience that is next to perfection. Juan Carlo presents the business in a higher quality of professional style; not necessarily surrounded by luxury itself, but surrounded by a quality setting appropriately and in good taste.

Through its state-of-the art commissary and world-class kitchen, Juan Carlo masters the creation of different kinds of cuisine and provides its clients with stellar dining experience. This prime caterer is known for these following courses:  Ox Tongue with Buttered Mushroom – the flag bearer of the company, Norwegian Pink Salmon with Tequila Cream Sauce, Hong Kong Style Chicken in Oyster Sauce, and the Pandan Panacotta, which is the crowd favorite.

Juan Carlo also believes that luxury is a commitment and that is proven from the years of existence in the catering business. It already made a mark in everyone’s heart, a memory that will never ever fade. Juan Carlo gained its throne and its creative identity and was able to position itself to the top.

For them, every unforgettable event is a Juan Carlo event.

Juan Carlo, catering to those with a finer taste.

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Where catering is an ART,

and every project, a precious MASTERPIECE…”


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