5 Wedding Catering Food for Kids

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Many couples prefer to keep their wedding children-free, but there are circumstances where they can’t help but allow their guests to bring children. That means the couple must incorporate some kid-friendly foods in the menu of their wedding catering in the Philippines. Keep the little ones entertained and full with these fun, creative food ideas that might leave the grown-up ones a tad bit envious:


Mini cheeseburgers

Who doesn’t love cheeseburgers? Keep this fast food classic mess-free for the kids by making cheeseburgers using mini buns! Not only are these bite-sized cheesy meaty goodness super delicious, they look super cute too (don’t deny it!). But if burgers are not your thing, try making mini hotdog sandwiches. Then allow the kids to have fun by letting them draw on their sandwiches using the ketchup and mustard. Just have a babysitter nearby to keep an eye on the kids to avoid a huge mess and possible food fights.

Fruit and vegetable cups

Skip the traditional salad and serve fruits and vegetables in cups instead. Everyone eats with their eyes especially kids so what looks appealing to them, there is a huge possibility they will eat. Put sliced fruits and sliced vegetables in separate cups along with some sort of dip like yogurt for the fruits and mayonnaise for the vegetables. If you want to level up the creativity, make fruit and vegetable kebabs then use the cups as containers for the dips.

Image: Lorraine Cryan Photography

Image: Lorraine Cryan Photography

Smoothie popsicles

While the rest of your guests are feasting on fancy desserts, serve smoothie popsicles to the little ones. This will keep them cool and satisfied especially during a hot, summer wedding. But of course, you can also whip up a batch of grown-up friendly smoothies as additional dessert. Just make sure they are separated from one another so there won’t be any accidents of an alcohol-laced pop being served to one of the flower girls (yikes).

Macaroni and cheese

A certified hit with kids, macaroni and cheese is a sure way to please the kids. Go serve this recipe in small, colorful bowls or get creative by making mini mac and cheese pies or even fried mac and cheese balls which you can skewer with sticks for a fun, lollipop-like look.

Peanut butter and jelly

Along with macaroni and cheese, the PBJ is a classic among kids (and kids at heart). Rather than serving these in the traditional sandwich, let your creativity shine through by making peanut butter and jelly sushi (bread strips with peanut butter and jelly then rolled up to look like sushi) or peanut butter and jelly muffins.


These foods are a sure way to satisfy the kids—and their parents. Serve these up in a separate station for kids only so they can form a line altogether without having to mix up with the adults. Try also to set up an activity section for the kids where they can quietly entertain themselves all throughout the reception. That way, you have kept your guests—and their kids—happy and worry-free.

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