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Affinitrees Tagaytay

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Affinitrees Tagaytay

A wedding is a momentous occasion. The memory of the bride walking down the aisle and the couples exchanging vows will surely be embedded in the memories of not only the newly married but as well as their friends and family, who all serve as witnesses to the beautiful spectacle.

It’s really no wonder why others work so hard to achieve their dream wedding by booking the best catering service in Manila and by getting a stunning venue where they’ll say ‘I do.’

For the last item, you can definitely find what you’re looking for in Affinitrees Tagaytay!

Overlooking one of the most iconic lakes in the country, Affinitrees Tagaytay sits at 2,000 feet above sea level.

It exudes an essence of elegance and glamour that when paired with its alluring architecture makes it the epitome of classic romance.

Affinitrees Tagaytay boasts 3 amazing venues. The Serenity Room has a capacity of 50 pax, specifically designed for intimate wedding receptions and even small business meetings.

The Harmony Hall and Symphony Hall—when combined can accommodate 300 pax, is the best choice for large events. And of course, the beautiful garden is ideal for intimate celebrations for 60 pax.

Affinitrees Tagaytay In Affinitrees Tagaytay, you can expect nothing but perfection. But you can elevate this further by getting the expert services of Juan Carlo. They have numerous catering packages that will surely fit whatever theme you are going for. They will surely add to the glamor and the allure of your wedding celebration!

Affinitrees Tagaytay

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