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    Wonderful Ideas for Summer Weddings

    When preparing and arranging a wedding, there’s a lot to make decisions on: venue, decorations, catering arrangements, music, and the date and time of the ceremony and the reception. All of these need to be coordinated with one another (can you imagine having an outdoor winter-themed wedding during the summer? Horrible idea!), which is why there are already available wedding packages for you to choose from and customize.

    In the Philippines, summer weddings are quite popular. The sun is shining bright with little to no danger of rain, most people are free or would love to take some time off from work (good for out-of-town weddings) and beach wedding destinations are always an option. Here are some summer wedding ideas that can make your wedding extra special.


    Destination Wedding

    Picking the right venue for your summer wedding is essential, as it would give your preparation some direction when it comes to your decoration and arrangements. Would you want to have your wedding at a beach? Or would you rather have a garden wedding? There are many choices to choose from, and picking the right one would make your wedding experience unique and memorable.

    Decorations and Souvenirs

    Preparing for a summer wedding gives you a multitude of options to choose from when it comes to decorations and accessories. You can give guests keepsake items like postcards, or have a photo booth set up so that guests would have an instant souvenir. You can go for a more natural and rustic feel, and have more wooden seats and tables, mason jars, and a selection of vases to put the flowers in.

    Summer Flowers

    A full-blown wedding would not be complete without having a beautiful bouquet for the bride, and decorating the venue with beautiful flower arrangements. There is a good variety of summer flowers to choose from in our country. Popular choices include sunflowers, orchids, roses, chrysanthemums, and more.

    Summer Cuisine

    A summer wedding reception would not be complete without some of the finest cuisine best enjoyed during the summer. Favourites include grilled meats, freshly-cooked seafood, or even some healthy salads. You can also serve some cold desserts like ice cream to keep the guests cool on a warm summer day.

    Plenty of Ice Cold Refreshments

    In a summer wedding ceremony, expect the temperatures to be a bit higher than compared to your average day. It is important to keep your guests refreshed and cool. Offering guests unlimited cold drinks will do the trick. You can never wrong with serving ice-cold juices on a warm summer day.

    Summer Colors or Sundresses

    For bridesmaids and female guests, wearing pastel-colored dresses fits in the summer theme perfectly. For male guests, linen and wool shirts and coats would be an ideal match. Or you can have the guests ditch the formal attire and wear something a little more casual yet elegant such as sundresses and cotton suits.


    Arranging the perfect summer wedding takes a lot of time and effort, but it gives the guests and the couple experiences and memories that would last for a long time.