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    7 Popular Wedding Themes of 2022

    7 Popular Wedding Themes of 2022

    What are the popular wedding themes of 2022?

    1. Modern
    2. Seasonal
    3. Minimalist
    4. Boho
    5. Rustic
    6. Traditional
    7. Celestial

    When choosing a wedding theme, it is a decision that helps tie in together every other element of this special event — from catering menus to table décor. A good theme will not only reflect their preferred style, but also the couple’s special and intimate connection.

    For those who are unsure which theme to choose for their special day, there are a few trendy and timeless ideas that you can build off of. 

    Let this blog help you take a closer look at the most popular wedding themes of 2022 to guide you in your wedding preparation. Read on!

    What are the wedding themes of 2022?

    Usually, romantic and classic weddings are the most popular wedding themes of the century. But other than these two, other popular wedding themes can help you set the right tone for your wedding!



    Whether they fall on the minimalist or Avant Garde end of the spectrum, a modern theme offers class and style. This theme is quite flexible but generally focuses on sleek, refined elements, monochromatic color palettes, on-trend florals and greenery, and pared-down décor.

    If you’re looking for a timeless and contemporary style for your event, you can go for a modern-themed wedding. We offer great and deluxe wedding packages in Manila that can help you achieve this and delight both you and your guests on your wedding day.


    Many couples today are taking advantage of seasonal trends as their wedding theme. There are harvest-themed weddings that are going viral today because of their simplicity, fresh and delicate food, vibrant color palettes, florals, and more. 

    Also, many are pushing for seasonal-themed wedding decorations and favors that make the most of the natural bounties — such as in-season fruit and flowers — that our earth already produces. It’s a great way to make your wedding look naturally beautiful and rustic, as well as environmentally friendly!


    A minimalist-themed wedding is a refreshing theme that does away with all the extra tulle and overflowing florals. 

    This is one of the most popular wedding themes of 2022 for couples who like to keep things simple, yet elegant! Common elements of this theme include clean lines and structured silhouettes for wedding attire, soft, muted motifs for décor, and modern, raw space — or a natural outdoor one — for your venue. 

    These weddings can be fun, special, and unforgettable with their understated yet sophisticated feel!



    Bohemian weddings are perfect if you and your partner are more of a laid-back or free-spirited couple. This theme will help you craft a wedding that feels less structured, and more free and relaxed. 

    This theme gives nods to bell-sleeved gowns, macramé details, soft glowy light décor, outdoor venues, and lots of beautiful and vibrant plants. Boho-themed weddings also typically call for attire that is less restrictive and makes use of lots of natural colors and design elements. 


    If you’re stuck between picking a romantic theme and a boho theme, then this option will give you the best of both worlds! A rustic-themed wedding embraces design elements found in both styles and creates an event that perfectly hits both a natural and dreamy feel.

    The key to this theme isn’t just to have your wedding out in nature — it’s to incorporate plenty of earthy, historical elements. You could have farm tables for your reception, an acoustic band for cocktail hour, or even have your wedding in historic buildings, old-timey farm stays, and the like. 



    Traditional weddings have always been on the list of the most popular wedding themes in past years, including 2022. 

    This theme calls for a grand and formal affair, where guests must wear black-tie attire. There are no wild patterns or brightly colored flowers here. Instead, there is classic architecture, linen table runners, brass cutlery, antique furniture, stark colors and softer motifs, and elegant and refined floral arrangements. 

    This is also the usual wedding theme choice of Filipinos because it helps them achieve the aesthetic usually found in the traditional wedding culture of the Philippines. From the church, the wedding celebration will take place in a hotel or garden, and sometimes in a historic building. 


    Luckily, there are many options for choosing a memorable theme for your wedding day. And if there’s one of the many adventurous and exciting wedding themes of 2022, that’s the celestial-themed wedding — an aesthetic inspired by astronomy, stars, and the sky. This one is heavy on dark blues, golds, blacks, and twinkling décor. 

    Romantic and so intimate, isn’t it? Who wouldn’t love to take their matrimonial vows under the moon and stars? The beauty of celestial-themed weddings is as wondrous as the stars twinkling at night.

    Key Takeaway

    The top wedding themes of 2022 are all great choices for your special day! Use our list to help you choose the perfect planning for your marriage ceremony, reception, and celebration. Also, remember to take things easy and focus on your personal choice because after all, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience with your partner! 

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