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    6 Best Wedding Movies that will Make You Want to Get the Best Wedding Packages

    What are the best wedding movies of all time?

    1. The Hangover: A groom to be and his groomsmen have a bachelor party that takes a turn for the worst and hilarious.
    2. The Princess Bride: An action packed wedding movie with giants, chases, and fencing.
    3. Wedding Crashers: A couple of men crash weddings as their favorite past time.
    4. The Wedding Date: A wedding guest brings an escort to make her ex-fiancé jealous, but ends up falling in love with her fake date.
    5. Father of the Bride: A movie wedding centered on a snarky father-in-law.
    6. My Big Fat Greek Wedding: The highest grossing wedding movie of all time.


    When you’re looking through a bunch of wedding packages, it could get pretty confusing. The truth is, making certain decisions can be very difficult and stressful. In these moments, you’re going to want to remind yourself that the challenges of wedding planning will be worth it in the end.

    One of the best ways to get yourself back in the mood to plan is to take a break and watch the best wedding movies of all time. It could be internationally acclaimed hit films or beloved local Filipino movies. As long as it warms your heart, take a couple of hours off of your day to watch them. Sometimes, seeing love amplified on-screen is the motivation you need to go through the planning stress. After all, some of these examples had very drastic problems – sometimes even comical ones – that ended in an epic union.

    So, let’s get straight to it. Here are some of the best wedding movies of all time:


    The Hangover

    This movie is probably not the best one to watch if you’re searching for romance. However, it’s a great reminder of the things that you and your partner should NOT do before the wedding; most especially the groom-to-be – he must make sure he doesn’t party too hard during his bachelor party.

    But you can’t deny that this movie is a good laugh! Maybe that’s just what you need to alleviate your stress. Also, in the end, (spoiler alert!) everything turned out okay! Just don’t do what the wolf pack did and your wedding will go smoothly.

    The Princess Bride

    Source: Princess Bride Forever

    The Princess Bride

    When you see Westley always telling his Buttercup “as you wish,” you may start to think that this is just a cheesy romance movie; just like the common romance Filipino movie. Good for those couples that are romantics at heart. But for those who aren’t, this is still a great watch because it is full of action! There’s fencing, giants, chases, and so much excitement. It’s a great movie to watch to keep in the wedding spirit, while also being thrilling enough to make you forget about the stress of planning your own wedding.

    Wedding Crashers

    You wouldn’t want to have actual wedding crashers on your special day, even if they are as funny as Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. But, thankfully, this is just a movie; an extremely hilarious one! Watching this with your partner or your best friends is great for shaking off those wedding jitters.

    The Wedding Date


    The Wedding Date

    The lovely setting of this in-movie wedding will make you heavily consider an al fresco dinner for your wedding package. With a beautiful scenery like the one in the movie, who wouldn’t want it?

    One thing you may not want in your wedding though is an ex trying to make you jealous (that is if you invite him/her). In this movie, Debra Messing’s character brings a male escort to her ex-fiancé’s wedding in an effort to make him jealous. Yikes! You don’t want that kind of drama on your special day. But, thankfully, she somehow falls in love with her fake date. Just goes to show that weddings can be special for everyone.


    Father of the Bride

    Something that you and your bride can definitely laugh about is your in-laws. Thus, “Father of the Bride” will definitely be very relatable to you; especially if you’re a groom-to-be, who has to deal with a snarky future father-in-law. But even with this premise, the movie shows that the wedding is not just for the bride and groom, but for all those that they love.

    My Big Fat Greek Wedding 1 and 2

    Source: Visit Catalina Island

    My Big Fat Greek Wedding 1 and 2

    Being the highest grossing wedding movie of all time, it’s no surprise why we’ve saved this for last! It’s a movie that shows love and acceptance will prevail above all; despite what kind of man or woman your parents think the ideal type is for you. After all, Toula’s dad accepted Ian despite him being not Greek… and vegetarian


    Key Takeaway

    While all these movies have their own big problems that could get you panicking… these are just movies! It won’t be the best wedding movies ever if the characters didn’t have to go through some big conflict to get married. We’re not saying that your wedding won’t have problems, but these movies show that true love will prevail no matter what.

    So, don’t stress too much about the wedding packages. No matter what you choose, as long as it can celebrate the true love you share for your partner, it’ll be perfect. Go ahead and choose whatever wedding package you like and hire a planner if you need too. Nothing is too much for your special day. Take the characters in the movies, for example. No matter how hard it was for them, they still ended up having the perfect weddings and happy endings.