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Planning the best wedding is just as much fun as celebrating the event itself. Weddings are a great excuse to party for the guests and a celebration of love for the happy couple. Having a wedding checklist template will be a great way to keep things in check and make sure that you don’t encounter a problem along the way. Whether you want a destination wedding or a cozy wedding at home, having a checklist of what to do or not to do can make all the difference when throwing a great wedding.

Although there are traditional staples that you can name on the top of your head, it is also important that you make a wedding checklist to give a personal touch to the wedding and to lower the risk of having a blunder as much as possible. To start, a beautiful wedding checklist template would be great to keep you on track of the possible tasks that will need taking care of come the wedding day.

Run through this article and you will see the benefits of having a wedding checklist and have your memorable wedding the best possible way you can!

What Should You Remember When Making a Wedding Checklist?

Figurines on a cake

Every wedding has a memorable moment and even those that you would rather forget. The elements of the wedding should be much a highlight as the momentous celebration itself. If you would want your wedding to stand out from the rest, then you should make it a point to make a wedding checklist template and leave your guests amazed by the intricate planning of it all.


Who doesn’t like surprises, right? Well, at least the good ones. Having a totally unexpected moment would become the highlight of the event and it will leave people talking even after everything is over. While browsing other weddings, you would want something that hasn’t been done before; you should maximize the possibilities to make it as personal as possible. If you would hire an interesting entertainer, band, take that dancing lesson for an unexpected flash mob, portrait artists, or a set up an interactive food station then this would definitely be the prime element that you are looking for. You may even go to something extravagant like having a wine tasting.

There will always be a fun option to do that can come off as a surprise to your guests, just make sure that you still retain the personal element behind the event.

Entertainment options

Of course, you have to have a complete roster of entertainment options and this is one of the few things that you can even do spontaneously. Think beyond the usual dances or the traditional activities to do. Have interactive elements such as a photo booth, lawn games, table games or random questions about the couple. Make sure that your DJ is up to the job of hyping up the people and get them to dance the night away!

Short and sweet

You would want to have your guests regard your wedding as memorable in the best way possible. One way to make sure that they aren’t bored during the event is to keep your program short and sweet. Do not prolong the speeches and toasts to the scale of cringe-worthy to downright embarrassing. View your wedding through the perspective of your guests’ eyes and think of ways that will keep them interested and engaged.

During the reception, allow your guests to mingle but ensure that they are also with people that they know. Keep the time brief between each event so that the program would not be dragged out which will cause the guests to feel discomfort.

Keeping guests comfortable

Speaking of comfort, your guests should be comfortable for the duration of the event. If possible, set up a lounge area at your reception so they can wait comfortably before they are seated at their respective tables. This would also give them the opportunity to mingle with other guests while having drinks or snacks to keep them properly accommodated.

Memorable and interesting

The best way to keep guests on their toes is if you can inject personal touches to you your wedding because this will make the event more special and endearing. You don’t have to break the bank to make everything more memorable, just a few simple mementos of your journey as a couple to newlyweds will do. You can opt for personalized napkins, homemade gifts, or customized puzzles which will make your guests feel at awe in the celebration of your love for each other.

Things You Need to Include in your Wedding Checklist

Wedding Checklist

Having the perfect wedding does not exactly happen overnight. Making the perfect wedding checklist with a template will make all the difference in having a dull event to a one that is reminiscent of a fairytale wedding. So, in order to map out the perfect event, you need to make the wedding checklist that will put others to shame.

Arrange it according to the dates that are essential to the event so that you can establish priorities according to its importance. This would also help you determine the budget and time allocation which will save you the effort it will take you to browse through all the elements that should be included in the checklist.

Check out this brief guide that you can follow in making your wedding checklist!

10-12 months before the big day

  • Plan your budget and highlight your top priorities. Know where you can go all out to splurge or where to save.
  • Start browsing wedding ideas or pegs that you can follow but not totally copy. Explore wedding magazines, bridal blogs, or Pinterest so you can identify your preferred wedding style, mood board, and color palette.
  • Write your preliminary guest list so you can trim down and add to your liking.
  • Begin choosing your wedding entourage. Who would be the important people that you want by your side at the altar? This is also important because bridesmaids are your sidekicks when it comes to wedding favors and the planning of it all. As for the groom, the best man will also be their partner when it comes to whatever it is that they can do for the event.
  • Find a venue in Manila for your ceremony and reception, and make sure that you have booked the date. Many people make the mistake of being too relaxed and they do not take it upon themselves to make a reservation.
  • Find the right vendors. Start talking to caterers, photographers or videographers, a reverend or an officiant, florists, wedding singers, and the entertainment for the reception.
  • Choose the perfect dress and tux. Consider attending bridal fairs to find great deals on beautiful dresses and elegant accessories.

6–9 Months to Go!

  • Continue your research about other potential vendors if you are not satisfied with the first ones on your list.
  • Do a tasting of the wine, wedding cake, and the entrees that may be served at your wedding.
  • Create a gift registry for the guests and decide what to put on it.
  • Arrange the hotel rooms for guests who may need it and book your own suite for your honeymoon.
  • If you are going out of town for the honeymoon, then arrange plane tickets or the transportation you need for the travel.
  • Make the necessary bridal shower or bachelor party arrangements and go over the guest list with the persons involved.

3–5 Months to Go Before the Wedding

  • Book the locations for the rehearsal dinner and lock in the necessary elements like entertainment and specialty details so you will save yourself from the hassle of going over the arrangements prematurely.
  • Reserve all necessary party rentals. Finalize menu, beverage, and catering details for the reception.
  • Order the wedding favors and souvenirs for the guests.
  • Finalize the guest list and the invitations. Get inspiration from your beautiful wedding checklist template to design your invitations so that you get a uniform design.
  • Do not forget to write your vows.

1–2 Weeks to Go before the big day…

  • Give your caterer and venue your final guest count.
  • Create a seating chart and place the appropriate name cards.
  • Pick up your gown and try it on.
  • Confirm the timings of the event and finalize the whole timeline with vendors and the venue.
  • Prepare for possible emergencies and make your very own Bridal Emergency Kit so that you would be ready if there are unpredictable occurrences.
  • See weather forecasts and prepare for bad weather conditions especially if you are planning on an outdoor event.
  • Start packing for your honeymoon and prepare necessary documents.

The Day Before the Wedding…

  • Make sure all the wedding day essentials are ready to go. Do not forget the rings and the marriage license.
  • Talk to your vendors beforehand and arrange necessary payments and hand it out during or before the reception.
  • Enjoy last minute relaxation luxuries like a mani-pedi, a massage or a facial.
  • Get your beauty sleep. The hard parts are finally over.

This is it, the Wedding day!

  • Allow plenty of time to get ready and lay out the necessary items for the wedding.
  • Do rounds at your wedding and thank the guests for coming.
  • Bask in the feeling of your hard work and stop to appreciate that the day has finally come. All you need to do now is to look at your spouse and see what the future has in store for you.

How Can Templates Help You Make a Good Wedding Checklist

Wedding invitations and decorations

The traditional way to do a wedding checklist is to reach for the nearest legal pad and just write down whatever you need but those days are far gone. Having a wedding checklist template can help you have an organized method to remember significant details and make sure that you do not miss out on anything. This would definitely come in handy when you are going through the event details as your own wedding planner or if you hired someone to do it, he/she would not be too overwhelmed by the requirements of the event.

Templates for wedding checklists are great because it eliminates the need to just jot down whatever you want to. The element of the checklist should be easy on the eyes since the whole activity of planning can be stressful enough. You would not want to glance at a list and feel the strenuous element of planning, do you?

Having a pretty wedding checklist template can help you stay on top of things and this would make you feel at ease when planning for the big day. Not only would it be a great way to view your agenda before, during, and after the wedding but it would be a reminder that you deserve only the best for this new venture in your life, that includes having a well-designed wedding checklist template.

You can add a few elements to the checklist as well and you can do this by organizing it by budget or category. Make a separate checklist for decors, the gift registry, vendor information, or for the whole wedding program. Whatever it may be, a reliable wedding checklist template can keep things in check and it can help you in knowing the elements that should be included is a great plus for the event.

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