7 Ultimate Wedding Catering Trends for 2017

July 20, 2017

Planning out something different to serve at your wedding reception could be problematic. But you don’t have to worry much, if the service for your wedding catering in Manila is a highly experienced one.

In most cases, the people behind them are very much adept to the various trends in the food industry – particularly in the wedding scene. Truly, they deserve commendation for keeping up with the different trends that seem to come and go every year.

The year 2017 has so far shown an assortment of trends that many couples have used on their special day. Are you also looking for ones to incorporate into your own wedding?

To give you a few ideas, here are some examples:

A 'Mini' Party

  1. A ‘Mini’ Party

Have you ever paid attention to the appetizers? If you do, you’ll definitely agree that their sizes are just too cute, and when served by quality caterers, they turn to be the star of the menu (unknowingly).

For this year, among the best wedding trends is serving miniature lobster cakes, shrimp cocktails, and bite-sized breaded chicken pieces served with sweet and spicy sauce. That’s an awesome menu right there.

Brunch Wedding Menu

  1. Brunch Wedding Menu

While having your reception in daytime may come off as uncommon – it turns out to be one of the most practiced wedding trends for a while. It’s particularly popular in the West, as they are less expensive than afternoon and dinner receptions.

Furthermore, it allows a variety of new flavors that you and your guests can enjoy devouring. You can incorporate omelets, bacons, pancakes, and crepes – the usual breakfast menu – along with mimosa and Bloody Mary’s! Who knows, you could leave your guests wanting for more!

Food Station Variety

  1. Food Station Variety

2017 makes everything possible – breaking away from the usual wedding reception setup of champagnes towers, cocktails, and fountains – it’s bringing you food stations.

Food stations are your best bet if you and your soon-to-be spouse are undecided with your food menu. For example, if you two cannot decide whether to serve kebab or another cuisine, you two can compromise on having a little bit of both by installing food stations at your reception.

Organic and Fresh

  1. Organic and Fresh

These days, more and more couples are shifting from a grand reception to a simple one. Some would choose a simple, fresh salad made from organic greens and fruits for dessert. This helps maintain a healthy menu that your guests will definitely appreciate.

It is important to note, however, that this theme shouldn’t stop at the food. You could also coordinate with your wedding caterer and request for fresh and organic tequilas, wines, or vodkas to go with the dishes featured on your menu.

Bring in the Sweets

  1. Bring in the Sweets

This is something you shouldn’t leave out – certainly, this menu has been a trend for decades. You can serve your guests with a variety of culinary treats, from brownies to cupcakes to pastries and place them along with everyone’s favorite, the magical chocolate fountain.

Of course, you shouldn’t forget about the beverages; include some mint tea, chilled coffee, hot chocolate, lemonade, and mimosas for your guests to choose from. Your wedding reception menu will definitely be the sweetest to date!

For Him and For Her Cocktails

  1. For Him and For Her Cocktails

Bring back the old tradition, serve your guests with a for him and for her cocktail menu! For this type of cocktail menu, the bride and the groom will select their preferred choice of cocktails and those are the only cocktails that the guests will be offered – along with a couple of beers and wines, of course!

This menu helps save budget from the liquor menu, as the couple will only need to purchase those that are needed to make the cocktails. For a twist, you can make your very own signature cocktails and name it after your names.

Local Produce

  1. Local Produce

Looking for something to make your menu memorable? Level up your menu by using the specialty in your local area! Do some research and coordinate with your wedding caterer to make a memorable dish out of the place’s staple ingredient and get yourself some inspiration. You’ll not only surprise yourself with the outcome, but also introduce your guests to a flavorful dish that they’ll definitely never forget.

Key Takeaway

Given the different catering trends that is being adapted by more and more weddings for the year 2017, do not hesitate to pick one and incorporate it in yours! Serving your wedding something different will make it even more memorable, that is, aside from your already-spectacular dream wedding coming true.


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