Wedding Catering Rates: How to Get a Fantastic Deal for Your Special Day

Everyone is well aware of the fact that weddings don’t come cheap. Although you can have a celebration within a budget, it rarely ever gets followed. In most cases, you will go over your set plan. Wedding catering rates alone can go upwards six figures and may even sit somewhere in the million-peso range, and that’s just one aspect of a large event. Venues, rings, outfits, documentation, invites, giveaways, entertainment—these are other necessary expenses that you need to think about. When combined, all these costs add up to a significant amount that is neither easy to save nor spend.

Once you realize how much weddings in the Philippines really cost, you start to understand why people start saving for the special day the moment they start earning their first paycheck and that’s regardless of their current relationship status. It also makes sense why parents save up for their kids’ weddings because they only want the best for their children and sometimes that requires spending a lot of money.

Although weddings are known to be expensive affairs, they don’t always have to be worth millions to be memorable or picture-perfect. You don’t have to empty your savings just to have the wedding of your dreams because there are effective ways to save costs. One, in particular, is to get a great deal from a trustworthy caterer or catering service in the Philippines.

More often than not, catering eats up a majority of the budget because of the high wedding catering rates available and the importance of food in these events. Luckily, there are ways to cut back on catering costs and get a fantastic deal for your wedding day, and that’s exactly what we have written here, so simply continue reading to find out more!

The Duties and Responsibilities of a Wedding Caterer

The Duties and Responsibilities of a Wedding Caterer

Knowing the duties and responsibilities of a wedding caterer should help you understand why wedding catering rates can go up to six figures, so we’ll start with that.

People have been misled to believe that wedding caterers only drop the food they ordered and then run off to attend to other business duties after the bill has been settled. Wedding catering – or catering, in general – may have started that way but times have changed and so have the professionals. These days, caterers do more than just provide your event with scrumptious dishes. In fact, cooking is the smallest part of their repertoire and they’ve actually evolved into something similar to a wedding planner.

Wedding caterers are often in the middle of the entire event, acting as a liaison between you and your suppliers. They coordinate with necessary people to make sure that everything that is needed for your wedding to be beautiful and successful is there on the day itself and we aren’t simply talking about the fine china. They’re in charge of talking to the florist to make sure the table décors arrive on time; to the musicians and entertainment so they know where to unpack; to the staff venue so they know where to store the food; and so many other things.

Another thing they are in charge of is taking care of your guests. During the wedding’s reception, it is not the job of the newlyweds to make rounds and ask every guest how they’re doing and what they need – that’s usually the responsibility of the caterer. Not only do they serve the food, but they actually tend to the guests patiently and diligently. Of course, they might not be able to do everything your guests ask, but they can at least keep them comfortable and happy to the best of their ability.

It doesn’t stop there! The best wedding caterers are advice givers, problem solvers, and lifesavers! They can offer nuggets of wedding-planning knowledge that should help you with your wedding preparations. Those who’ve handled hundreds of weddings are also capable of anticipating and solving any problems that may arise on the day of your wedding, practically keeping the most important day of your life disaster-free.

When you think about the many and heavy responsibilities of a wedding caterer, it starts to make sense why wedding catering rates get so high. They do more than just cook and deliver food and actually offer other services that make your wedding a blast and your life a breeze!

 The Perks of Hiring Wedding Catering Services

The Perks of Hiring Wedding Catering Services

The services that a wedding caterer offers translate to perks that you can take advantage of if ever you decide to hire them and they are:

Enjoy Amazing Dishes

We know we said that making food is the smallest part of a caterer’s job but we didn’t mean to say that it’s any less important than the rest. We only meant that it required the least amount of time and effort on their part as compared to their other responsibilities. In the end, whatever they serve is sure to excite everyone’s palate – you and the guests included. We can guarantee that you’ll find yourself savoring each and every bite of the appetizer, entrée, and dessert without even realizing it!

Avoid Wedding Stress

As exciting and life-changing as they are, weddings can definitely get equally stressful especially for the bride and groom – and sometimes for their families. People say it’s unavoidable but that’s not actually true. Hiring a wedding caterer is sure to take a lot of weight off your shoulders. As mentioned above, they act similar to wedding planners and help you with a lot of important and stressful things. All you have to do then is finalize the plans and prepare for one of the biggest milestones of your life.

Experience Quality Service

The day of your wedding is the day you most deserve to be treated like royalty, and that’s definitely what you get by hiring an experienced and reputable wedding caterer from the Philippines. Sure, wedding catering rates may be a little steep but that’s mostly because you’re going to be treated like the king or queen that you are deep inside. It’s not just you, too, because your guests will be treated the same – although you and your partner are still the stars of the event and are always the top priority.

Have Professional Guidance

When it comes to planning and executing your wedding, it doesn’t hurt to have a professional guide you through the entire affair. Wedding caterers, particularly well-established ones, have a ton of field experience and that’s not always easy to find. After all, where else can you find people who can say they’ve successfully hosted hundreds of weddings but those who work at as wedding caterers? Being guided by a professional is sure to make your wedding all the more fun and memorable, and we’re sure that’s mostly what you want for the event to be.

 7 Tips for Choosing the Best Wedding Caterer

7 Tips for Choosing the Best Wedding Caterer

Now, let’s talk about how to get a fantastic wedding catering deal. It all starts with choosing the best wedding caterer in your area. Wedding catering rates vary depending on the caterer and the services they offer as well as the quality at which they execute their tasks.

That said, however, just because their rates are low doesn’t mean they’re not worth looking into. This also holds true when said the other way, meaning that expensive and high wedding catering rates don’t always mean top-notch service.

In order to end up with the best wedding caterer and get the best deal for your wedding day, keep in mind the following tips:

Know and Stick to Your Budget

The best way to stay within budget is to know your budget and stick with it. Kind of straightforward and direct to the point but we guarantee it works. Prior to calling up catering services, you should have already determined how much you’re willing to spend for catering – and we’re talking about the maximum.

You should also vow not to spend a cent above this number and stay true to that promise. This way, you can get the best caterer that’s within your price range and avoid spending money you don’t have.

Confirm Their Availability

Wedding catering services, especially the great ones, are often booked in advance and you’d have to wait months before you can get into their schedule. Before you share your wedding plans with them, you first have to make sure that they’re actually available on the day of your wedding and the days leading up to it. It would be a waste to go into a lengthy discussion only to find out that your schedules don’t actually fit.

Observe How They Treat You

It’s important to take note of how wedding caterers treat you because you’re going to be working together for a fairly long time. On top of that, how they treat you is a reflection of how they’re going to treat the guests at your wedding. If it takes them weeks to get back to you and if they are not willing to compromise for your wants and needs, then it’s better to turn the other way and look for an alternative.

Inquire About Their Services

As mentioned earlier, wedding caterers offer a wide variety of services besides cooking and serving food. These services are sure to help make your wedding progress smoother but you don’t necessarily have to avail of all of them. If you want, you can opt out some of them and they should adjust their wedding catering rates accordingly. You can also opt for more additional services if you want, but know that doing so will definitely balloon costs.

Ask to Have a Food Tasting

Wedding caterers aren’t worth their title if they only make and serve barely decent food, and the best way to know if they can deliver on the cuisine’s end is to have a food tasting. For many caterers, a food tasting event is mandatory and they insist on it. However, there are times when you have to ask so don’t be afraid to. Only be wary when they refuse because that may mean that they don’t have anything good to offer.

Ensure They’re Flexible with the Menu

Flexibility with the menu is something you want a wedding caterer to have. Most of the time, they’ll have set meal packages that you won’t be able to change and that’s not very ideal because it might not fit you or your guests’ dietary requirements. Opt for a caterer that doesn’t limit your choices but expands them instead because that shows that they truly care for their clientele and are dedicated to making your wedding truly memorable.

Check Out their Portfolio

A wedding caterer’s portfolio can tell you a lot about how they function and the quality of work they produce, so it’s best to set aside time to check all of them out. Although a stellar portfolio might not mean a lot so you shouldn’t bet everything on that. If you can, talk to the previous clients; this will allow you to check out whether their claims about having the best service is true.

 5 Ways to Cut Back on Wedding Catering Costs

5 Ways to Cut Back on Wedding Catering Costs

Wedding catering rates aren’t really set in stone and there’s more than enough room for some negotiation. If you want to cut back on the catering costs and stay within budget, then we suggest that you take a look at these effective ways!

Avoid Plated Meal Service

Plated service is a catering style where your guests get to decide what meal or menu to have prior to the wedding – usually included in the RSVP invites. These dishes will be served individually during the reception. It’s elegant and convenient but also the most expensive kind of catering style there is. If you really want to cut on catering costs, then best stick with a buffet style or family dinner style of catering where your guests can fill themselves up with their preferred dishes.

Don’t Serve Overly Fancy Food

We’re sure you want to impress your family and friends with fancy food like lobster, caviar, and filet mignon but going for these types of food may not be the best move, especially if you’re on a strict budget. You can elicit the same kind of excitement from a basic dish that is cooked to perfection, which your hired caterer should be able to do.  Trust us – there’s really no need for such overtly fancy food unless you have the money to spare.

Add One or Two Food Stations

If you want your guests to leave with their great memories and full stomachs but can’t really afford a grand buffet, then we suggest that you go for a two- or three-course meal and supplement that with one or two food cost-friendly food stations. Some examples of this are sushi bars, salad bars, sandwich bars, and the like. These stations are sure to both feed and impress all your guests.

Use Food That’s in Season

Another great way to save on catering costs is to use ingredients that are in season. This is mainly applicable to fruits and vegetables but may also extend to meat cuts and fish. The way to do this is to swing by your local fresh market before you plan the menu with your caterer. Get some inspiration and ask local vendors what crops are going to be in season at the time of your wedding. You may be able to get some information out of the Internet, but nothing beats asking the experts.

Cut Back on the Booze

Liquor is a must-have at weddings but you don’t really need a full-on bar to keep you and your guests happy. At the very least, two or three drinks should suffice. You can serve each of your favorite drinks or one that you both made up. The best part about doing this is that it feels more personal and it’s basically sharing a bit of your story to your guests.


Get the Best Wedding Catering Rates from Juan Carlo!

Wedding catering rates can really cause your wedding costs to skyrocket but that’s only if you don’t know how to get fantastic deals and cut back costs. One important thing to remember is that these rates aren’t final and are very much negotiable – as said before. You just need to find a wedding caterer that will treat the way you deserve to be treated and prioritize your happiness above all else. There’s really no need to look far and wide for the best wedding catering in the Philippines that your money can hire.

Juan Carlo is sure to provide service of the highest quality and food of the highest grade. Our wedding catering rates range from low to high so that anyone who wants to spend their special day in the best possible way can do so with ease! When you entrust your wedding day to us, you won’t have to worry about the little details. You can simply sit back and relax as your special day comes around and have the time of your life!

Start your journey with Juan Carlo by booking a tasting experience today!

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