The Importance of Keeping a Wedding Catering Checklist for the Special Day

A wedding is upon you, and as such, important details in planning should be included! Thankfully, a checklist can help keep things on track—and not just any checklist, a wedding catering checklist can be a handy thing to keep close by. After all, one of the most important things to consider for a wedding is none other than the catering—and with a checklist dedicated to it close by, keeping track of it will be a cinch!

Of course, other than the catering service, planning a wedding can be pretty meticulous, especially when there are numerous details that need to be prioritized. Keeping track of everything can be stressful at times—but nonetheless, doing so will ensure that everything goes off spectacularly!

Since the catering will take center stage for this piece, it’s important to shine the spotlight on their many highlights and let them speak for themselves. After all, without the catering as a whole, then what’s the point of a wedding if there’s no reception to be held right?



Wedding Catering and their Highlights

Wedding Catering and Highlights

When it comes to handling the wedding catering, there are several things to take note of, all of which are guaranteed to ensure a smooth celebration of eternal love and holy matrimony. Here are some of the highlights to consider for wedding catering:

A Variety of Menus for the Reception

What could be better than handling wedding catering with a lot of variety? Since there are numerous guests in attendance for the wedding, this can be a great thing to consider as it allows them to choose from whatever menu they choose to eat from!

When it comes to the wedding planning process, this is another great aspect for the bride and groom to work on together as not only will this mesh their ideas together, it also allows them to put their creativity to the test and see where the wind takes them! Plus, as mentioned before, both the bride and groom get to do it together1 How romantic is that?


Various Serving Styles to Work With

Not only does the cuisine get the variety it deserves; the service also gets to have various forms for the bride and groom to choose from. When it comes to this, it’s important to know that there are different kinds/styles of catering to choose from, ranging from buffets to traditional sit-down dinners. Either way, each decision made on this part is crucial for it also helps determine the overall flow of the program.


Various Caterers to Work With

Of course, another highlight to give importance to is the fact that all parties in the wedding can choose from various caterers to work with. Each catering service has their own varying degrees of reputation, especially when it comes to their past events—and with that, making them hirable is one of the most important factors to consider!

If you’re looking for an example of a caterer you can work with, the folks over at Juan Carlo will surely help you out with all of your wedding catering lists. Working them will surely guarantee a successful event, whether it be on your special day or any other event. Want to learn more about them? Keep reading this piece until the end!



Kidding aside, this is actually one of the most important highlights of wedding catering, especially when it is included in wedding catering checklists. When it comes to choosing the overall caterer and catering for the wedding, various expenses must be considered as there can be instances where there can be separate charges made, depending on the setup of the catering for the wedding.

These highlights are something for you to learn about as, again, as mentioned before, planning a wedding can entail a lot of attention to detail on your end! Missing something that’s important for the wedding can spell a recipe for disaster—thankfully, it doesn’t have to end up in that scenario every time, for handy little items such as checklists, for wedding catering and other parts of the wedding, are always there to help you out!

Now that the highlights are out of the way, it’s time to discuss the best highlight of them all: the dishes to be included in wedding catering!



The Best Dishes to Include in Your Wedding Catering Menu

The Best Dishes to Include in Your Wedding Catering Menu

When it comes to wedding catering, or pretty much any kind of catering in general, there are numerous dishes to take into consideration! Of course, with that many dishes to choose from to include in the menu, how can anyone settle on just one dish?

That’s actually one of the best things about catering as it allows you to think up of new and exciting combos to include in the mix! With every combination you can think of, there are various dishes to include in your wedding catering menu, letting your creativity and love for food fly above colors! Plus, with numerous guests in attendance for your special day, every dish can become the best!

Here are some of the best examples of the best dishes to include in your wedding catering menu, and your wedding catering checklist as well if ever it comes to that:



Whether it be served as an appetizer or as part of the main course, pasta is one of the best and most elegant dishes to include in any kind of catering, especially for your wedding!

The best thing about pasta is that not only is it easier for your caterers to prepare, but there are also different variations that this dish can offer that you simply have to explore its vast world! In any case, if you’re hoping to keep it simple, the good ole’ classic Spaghetti will never fail you, or even the savory and delectable creamy Pasta Carbonara if you’re looking for an elegant and intimate touch on this portion of wedding catering.


Roast Beef

Since a wedding is technically an extravagant celebration, what better way to serve up some elegance as the entrée with a hearty serving of roast beef? Especially when it’s swimming in gravy and served on a bed of either rice or mashed potatoes? Yes, that’s the dream dish that everyone wants!

When it comes to this dish, it’s best to serve them in batches as it allows your guests to get as much as they want, which is always a great way to enjoy the celebration…getting as much food on your plate with no worry in the world!



Depending on what kind of menu you’re choosing to go for your wedding, barbecue can actually be one of the best dishes to include in your wedding catering menu. Think of it this way: some guests like to get messy (and yes, we mean in the most real sense possible), and what better dish to get messy with than barbecue?

Plus, here in the Philippines, barbecue is a classic favorite! Especially with pieces of pork skewered together with a stick with the fat at the end? That alone is why Filipinos are known to be festive with their celebrations!



Of course, dessert should be an addition to the wedding catering menu—and with that, should come a whole selection of desserts for your guests to choose from. From slices of cake to servings of pannacotta or other elegant desserts in store, there really is no room for error when it comes to dessert!

These dishes are sure to shine as bright as the bride’s wedding dress on her special day! In any case, there are other things to pay attention to when it comes to catering for the wedding, which is the next point of discussion for this piece!



Important Things to Include in Your Wedding Catering Checklist

Important Things to Include in Your Wedding Catering Checklist

As highlighted particularly in this piece, a wedding catering checklist should never be disregarded. With everything that can go wrong at the wedding, don’t let the catering be one of them. That being said, here are some of the most important things to include in your wedding catering checklist:


The Food

Of course, this should be the FIRST and FOREMOST thing to include in your wedding catering checklist! Since most catering setups are in the style of a buffet, the food should be one of the easiest things for you to keep track of since they are prepared in batches.

If, however, the food is made to be prepared in the venue itself, then keeping track of it can entail a lot more attention to detail than ever! You’ll need to make sure that all of the important ingredients make it to the venue, even before the reception starts. In fact, you’ll need to make sure that all the food that needs to be prepped with time is underway! That way, the food to be served in the reception can be served with more efficiency and in an orderly fashion!


The Equipment

Another thing that makes an important addition to the wedding catering checklist is none other than the equipment to be used for the event! As mentioned before, since most of the catering setups are in the form of buffets, you may notice that there are numerous trays lined up for your guests to choose whatever food they want to indulge in. If your wedding reception setup is in the form of a buffet, keeping track of your buffet trays and other utensils should be a priority for the event.

This can also apply to any type of catering there is, especially the type that entails the food to be prepared on the premises of the event itself! One of the great things about this is that many of their equipment is portable, making it easier for your caterers to transport to the venue. In any case, keeping track of the equipment for catering can help you make sure that your reception goes smoothly!


The Guest List

Of course, with regards to both the food and the equipment, the guest list can be pretty important to include in your checklist! With it, you can keep track of pretty much the whole breadth of the reception, which in turn can allow you to determine the quantity of the food to be served for the guests.

Keep this in mind with this factor: the number of guests can also determine the quality of the food to be served for the event—so, with that being said, keep the number of your guests as moderate as possible (depending on the venue). That way, your guests will be assured that they will be able to be served the best food to enjoy on your special day!


The Silverware

While this may not be as big as the other additions to this checklist, it can also be one of the most important additions to it! Keeping track of the silverware can really give your reception that extravagant feel, as well as convenience for your guests to eat with comfort.

No matter what the appearance of the silverware may be, whether they be silver or gold-plated, keeping track of this for the catering can be great for the entire experience!



Why Keep a Wedding Catering Checklist

Why Keep a Wedding Catering Checklist?

This piece has been open all throughout regarding the importance of keeping a wedding catering checklist, especially with the lists in the previous parts of this article. Either way, keeping track of everything that has anything to do with your special day can really ensure that it goes as error-free as possible.

Of course, doing so can be stressful at times…and by that, we mean A LOT! Sometimes, certain issues can be unavoidable during the planning process as certain changes can happen when you least expect them to. Guests can back out due to several reasons, changes in venue due to complications, and even complications made during the planning for the catering.

Nonetheless, at least with a wedding catering checklist in hand, you’ll be able to cross out every issue that has happened and allow you to think of new plans to add to rectify the issues that have happened! In short, the wedding catering checklist can be every planner’s saving grace!

Now, the next step for you is to find someone you can trust with your wedding catering needs—and there is no one better to trust then the folks at Juan Carlo!



Why Choose Juan Carlo

Why Choose Juan Carlo?

With an amazing array of events we can cover and the numerous catering services we can offer for any event, we from Juan Carlo will definitely guarantee a job well done on our part, and a successful wedding reception for you! Plus, we can also offer you a wide variety of menus for you to choose for your reception, making your special day even more special than before!

Whether you are in need of a wedding caterer in Tagaytay or elsewhere, Juan Carlo provides nothing short of the best wedding catering services in the Philippines

Interested in learning more about them, or working with us? Click here to contact us and we would be more than happy to work with you!

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