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    The Best Wedding Beverages to Serve in 2016

    Dawn Kelly Photography

    Dawn Kelly Photography

    Liquor is often considered a staple for any milestone celebration, and most of the time wedding signature drinks are among the fanciest kinds. So if you’re into the wedding catering scene, it’s doubly important for you to serve only the most elegant and luscious drinks.

    Wedding drinks often featured include vibrantly-hued cocktails, in addition to glasses of bourbon or Scotch bar. If you’re thinking about what kinds of liquor to serve at your wedding, here are a few suggestions:


    Classic Champagne

    Champagne is practically a symbol of celebration, and the top wedding drink trend and will always be the go-to liquor of wedding participants. With the dramatic sobering of Champagne bottles, no wonder people love to dramatically pour it in a neatly stocked tower of stemmed glasses. Over 40% percent of wedding couples highly prioritize top quality Champagne at their weddings and that’s a fact according to wedding magazines and online portals. Aside from the serving different types of glamorous Champagne bottles, offer cocktails mixed with Champagne at your reception.


    This colourful and fruity drink will brighten any event. Whether you want the pale pink kind or the classy white sangria, this is another one of those beverages that should not miss out on your wedding. Don’t forget to ask the bartender to use fresh fruit slices as garnish to make it prettier AND yummier.

    A Sip of Everything

    Drink stations should be available at your reception. Instead of focusing on one type of drink, usually it is best to offer small servings of a lot of things; from vodka, bourbon, microbrew beer flights to tequila. Your guests would enjoy drinking the night way with the many selections your bar would offer. These small sip drinks may be paired with foods as well, and your wedding venue’s chef or caterers can assist in creating the perfect pairing for each beverage concoction. Just remind them not to mix drink too many different types of drinks consecutively or they may end up with a tummyache.

    Multiple Signature Drinks

    Don’t stick to one kind of liquor and experiment with the different mixes you can come up with. It is a big trend these days to customize your own flavoured cocktail. You can even seek help from the handy app on your phone that is called “mixology”. Add a little presentation to your drink station by putting up a board sign then write down the signature drinks available which will definitely entice your guests. While this is fun though, don’t get too carried away. Sometimes it’s best to leave the bartender to do their profession.

    Flavoured Sodas

    Surely not all of your guests are legal enough to drink liquor – you have guests that are underaged, or adults who simply don’t drink the stuff. Have your caterer include flavoured sodas on the menue so they won’t feel left out.


    Food and drinks are two of the most important elements to a wedding reception. Hiring a catering service will definitely lift the pressure of having to figure out which trend to follow when it comes to catering.