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    Sampaguita Gardens

    The city can be too busy with its bustling crowds, plethora of traffic, and the fast-paced lifestyle that you will fail to notice the serene place that is Sampaguita Gardens.

    At this scenic venue, you will get the chance to celebrate the most special events in your life in the most profound way.

    As a film studio before, Sampaguita Gardens has seen the most delightful scenes come to life and your event would be treated the same in this historic venue.

    Whether you’re planning on hosting a wedding, debut, children’s parties, family reunions, and even corporate events, you will be welcomed by the exquisite events place of Sampaguita Gardens.

     Juan Carlo and Sampaguita Gardens

    Juan Carlo and Sampaguita Gardens

     Juan Carlo and Sampaguita Gardens

    If you want to steer clear of the conventional, you can also celebrate at the Vera Perez Garden where you will be greeted by a cascading waterfall and the whimsicality of the place.

    Planning to hold an event at a historic venue? Then, the Ancestral Home will be perfect. It is formerly the home of Sampaguita Pictures, but now it is the place for your personal and intimate events.

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      Juan Carlo & Sampaguita Gardens

      Perfect moments are just a stone’s throw away with Sampaguita Gardens and you can achieve that memorable celebration with exquisite catering services in Quezon City.

      Juan Carlo will be your co-star in making the event of your dreams come true and with an amicable venue like Sampaguita Gardens, this will all be possible.