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    Green Sun Hotel

    Green Sun is home to passionate individuals in pursuit of honing their craft. They support the arts by providing venues to grow, learn & collaborate. True to their vision, Green Sun has hosted events that showcase the talents and crafts of these passionate individuals. From photography exhibits, painting galleries, theater plays, live music & creative workshops.

    Let them relieve you of the hassle of a tedious event planning. Not only does each of their venue has its unique character and complete with professional lights and sound equipment you’ll need for your celebration, they also got a capable team ready to assist and provide you with just the service and support you need.

    Whether it’s a corporate function or a once-in-a-life time special occasion, they have just the right space and a reliable team to make it happen.

     A Stylish Wedding Destination

    A Stylish Wedding Destination

     A Stylish Wedding Destination

    Green Sun Hotel provides a contemporary and chic venue for weddings. The hotel’s modern design and artistic ambiance create a unique and vibrant setting for any celebration.

    The professional staff is dedicated to delivering personalized service, ensuring every detail is perfect. Green Sun Hotel guarantees a memorable and stylish wedding experience for all guests.

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    See how this wedding was made even more beautiful and vibrant at the Midlands Golf Club!

      Juan Carlo and Green Sun Hotel

      Green Sun Hotel is a contemporary venue that offers stylish and versatile event spaces perfect for weddings, conferences, and social gatherings.

      The professional team at Green Sun Hotel, together with Juan Carlo, is committed to providing exceptional service, ensuring that every event is meticulously planned and executed.