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    Batangas Lakelands

    Batangas Lakelands is a premium active lifestyle park nestled in the safe and secure environment of the Taal Lake District in Batangas. Spanning over 20 hectares of natural beauty, it stands as the latest outdoor haven, conveniently just an hour’s drive away from bustling Metro Manila.

    It’s a place where nature and adventure merge seamlessly, making it a perfect venue for hosting milestone events in partnership with the best catering service that ensures top-notch dining experiences.

     Juan Carlo and Batangas Lakelands

    Juan Carlo and Batangas Lakelands

     Juan Carlo and Batangas Lakelands

    Batangas Lakelands is your ideal destination for unforgettable outdoor events. Whether you’re celebrating personal milestones or hosting grand gatherings, Batangas Lakelands offers a range of venues to suit your needs.

    Choose from Casa Blanca, accommodating up to 600 guests, Amistad for 200, Mabuhay Lounge for 150, or the expansive Concert Ground, capable of hosting up to an impressive 15,000 attendees. Your special moments are made even more extraordinary at Batangas Lakelands.

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      Juan Carlo & Batangas Lakelands

      At Batangas Lakelands, adventure beckons at every turn. Engage in a thrilling array of activities that cater to all outdoor enthusiasts. From the adrenaline rush of ziplining to leisurely bike rides through scenic landscapes, peaceful walking trails, and even the precision of archery, there’s something for everyone.

      Test your skills in airsoft battles, wall climbing, swimming, and rappelling, and enjoy a Baluarte Highlights Tour. In collaboration with Juan Carlo catering services, Batangas Lakelands is the ultimate destination to celebrate life and unity.