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Velada Estate

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Velada Estate

Velada Estate is a place that understands your deepest desires to celebrate your most important gatherings amidst the most wondrous and breathtaking surroundings—the beauty that lies away from the perturbing hustles and bustles of the urban landscape. The estate is created with your heart in mind.

Velada is fully-equipped with only the best in world-class facilities, which can surely provide you with the best catering services that Manila could offer.

The seven elegant and luxurious suites as well as fully air-conditioned VIP lounge are perfect for all your guests. El Patio is a pavilion that is overhung with growing vines and draped with the most picturesque and lovely linens.
It is also encompassed by old and tall fruit bearing trees with everything from mangoes, blackberries, eucalyptus, pine, bamboo, etc.

El Fuente is an opulent space of greenery set with modern landscaping and ready to handle around 200 guests in seating. Furnished with elegant trellis and small paved white tent, El Fuente also features a water fountain that makes lovers feel like they are on top of the world.

Velada Estate La Casa houses seven stunning and gorgeous bedrooms that can easily accommodate you and your entourage before, during, and after the ceremonial gatherings.

This area also has a spacious lounge that is perfect for sharing cocktails with guests. With the highly-experienced catering touches of Juan Carlo, Velada Estate can harmoniously make your dream gatherings to life.

Velada Estate

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