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    7 Valentine Wedding Ideas For A Memorable Celebration

    What are some Valentine’s wedding ideas for a memorable celebration?

    1. Decorate with a lot of flowers
    2. Go for red bridesmaid gowns
    3. Set the mood with love songs
    4. Serve a heart-themed wedding cake
    5. Offer the fine-dining experience
    6. Add red and pink-themed drinks
    7. Exchange Valentine’s Day Letters

    It’s officially the season of hearts! Because this is a special occasion to express your feelings of devotion to your partner, some are taking it one step ahead by booking wedding packages in the Philippines. This love month, a lot of couples are also tying the knot. Keep on reading for some Valentine’s Day wedding ideas!

    Decorate With A Lot Of Flowers

    Decorate With A Lot Of Flowers

    Gifting flowers is a custom done during Valentine’s Day. The act sets the heart fluttering, especially when done as a surprise. Ecuadorian roses are the most popular choice because they grow with big full blooms and strong stems.

    On your wedding day, you can decorate your favorite flowers on the walls, tables, and bouquets. This simple trick will attract the eyes (and hearts) of guests and adds a classic and sophisticated vibe to your event.

    Go For Red Bridesmaid Gowns

    When planning a wedding ceremony, the tradition is to wear a white gown. While other couples opt for more creative themes, this is the common choice for this memorable event.

    If you want to incorporate the Valentine’s Day theme, you can do so for the bridesmaid gowns. Go for red shades which will provide a beautiful contrast to your pure white dress. This color will also look flattering with different types of skin tones.

    Set The Mood With Love Songs

    Set The Mood With Love Songs

    To make it more romantic, you and your partner can surprise each other by choosing your own processional songs when you walk to the altar. Choose one that will send a special message to your loved one. Bring tissues and expect a lot of tears on this part of the ceremony.

    Remember though that while a processional song might be more solemn, the recessional—when the ceremony ends—requires more upbeat music!

    Serve A Heart-Themed Wedding Cake

    Cake cutting is one of the traditions usually seen in weddings. Many believe that there is symbolism in this action, where a groom’s hand is placed over the bride’s to signify support for the married life. After that, you will feed each other to convey a message of commitment for a lifetime.

    To make it Valentine’s Day themed, you can order a heart-shaped cake or have one with small heart sprinkles. To surprise your partner, you can also have one made with white fondant and red velvet cake inside.

    Offer The Fine Dining Experience

    Offer The Fine Dining Experience

    What makes Valentine’s Day special is the fine dining experience. On a normal day, you would make dinner reservations in a fancy restaurant or cook your signature dishes for an intimate celebration.

    To make your wedding day special, you can extend this experience to your guests. As your event is a big celebration of love, your guests should also remember this as a memorable event. Depending on your preference, you can add a steak or salmon carving station, sushi sashimi bar, and a tea cart garden!

    Add Red And Pink Themed Drinks

    To complete your fine-dining experience, you can’t forget your Valentine’s Day-themed drinks! To give you some ideas, here are some special drinks you can order:

    • Pomegranate Mimosas for a sweet and tart taste
    • Red Sangria with seasonal fruits
    • Red wine for a classic and sophisticated drink
    • Juan Carlo’s Signature Rosé with a frozen popsicle on top

    You can pair these with a European Cheese and Cold Cuts Station for best results!

    Exchange Valentine’s Day Letters

    Exchange Valentine’s Day Letters

    Because you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with a wedding ceremony, you can’t forget the exchange of romantic cards. This is the best situation to do so, as you’re both promising to spend a lifetime of commitment and love for each other.

    To write your Valentine’s Day card, you can try the following ideas:

    • Put your favorite polaroid pictures together
    • Spray your signature perfume on the card
    • Add a kiss mark for a romantic touch
    • Write your wedding vows

    Key Takeaway

    These Valentine’s Day wedding ideas are not just for the heart month, because true love happens all year round. From the decorations, food, clothes, and music—as long as you put your best efforts into preparing for these, you will surely have a memorable celebration.

    Aside from catering services, Juan Carlo also offers iconic styling for your wedding reception. You can rely on their expertise when it comes to setting tabletops and designing food stations. If you require wedding food catering for your special celebration, you can book a personal food tasting session here.