3 Unique Ways To Celebrate Your Debut

November 10, 2021

3 Unique Ways To Celebrate Your Debut

What are some of the unique ways to celebrate your debut?

  1. Hold a picnic party outdoors
  2. Have a beach or swimming party
  3. Plan a breakfast for dinner party

Your debut marks your coming of age. It’s the event when you transition into adulthood and womanhood. For many young girls and their families, this celebration is one of the most important events in their life — second only to a wedding. The traditional way to celebrate this occasion is to wear a formal gown, have a fancy dinner, hold a cotillion, and have 18 roses. But if you’re looking for something different, here are some of the unique ways to celebrate your debut. Keep on reading!

Hold A Picnic Party Outdoors

Hold A Picnic Party Outdoors

If you’re craving fresh air, one of the best ways to celebrate your debut is through a picnic party outdoors. You can still wear a formal gown, but you can tone it down a little to fit with the theme. The advantage of an outdoor party is that you have good ventilation for your event, which is recommended during the new normal.

Serve picnic essentials like sandwiches, bread, finger foods, salads, and refreshing drinks. Here are some suggestions:

  • Tuna melt crostini
  • Crostini with salami and gherkins
  • Panzanella salad, Tuscan salad of bread and tomato, romaine, iceberg lettuce, yellow bell pepper, capers, black olives in balsamic reduction, and tomato infuse
  • Green cucumber lemonade

For the location, choose somewhere with plenty of outdoor green spaces. Instead of tables, you can set up picnic blankets for the guests. If you can’t find a park, you can book beautiful outdoor events places like these:

Have A Beach Or Swimming Party

If you miss the sea and swimming, you can also celebrate your debut in a beach or pool resort! Bring along your family and friends for one of the most fun getaways on your coming of age. Make sure to bring fun inflatables and plan your outfits for a mini photoshoot!

For the catering, choose dishes that remind you of a beach or swimming trip — such as seafood, cold desserts, and tropical fruits! Here are some of the things you can serve at your beach debut party:

  • Baked scallop, sliced lemon, pastis Prado wine, paprika cream sauce
  • Shrimp tempura with hon mirin sauce
  • Grilled black tiger prawn butterfly served in lemon butter sauce
  • Fisherman’s friend, oyster sauce
  • Grilled sea bass with lemon butter sauce
  • Halo-halo with leche flan
  • Tropical fruit pavlova

Fortunately, there are plenty of places near the Metro where you can hold your beach or swimming debut party. Here are some venues where you can have your coming of age:

Plan A Breakfast For Dinner Party

Plan A Breakfast For Dinner Party

Are you a fan of breakfast food? If that’s the case, why don’t you hold a breakfast for a dinner party? You and your guests can come in your pajamas and eat your favorite breakfast essentials. You can also opt for brunch attire if you want something more formal. If you prefer, it’s also possible to have this event during the daytime!

For the food, here are some of the things you can order from your caterer:

  • Toasted fresh baguette, cheese, tomato, and basil
  • Cream of fresh mushroom
  • Chicken potato chowder
  • Crunchy apple, fuji, Washington, and green apple, pineapple, walnuts
  • Freshly brewed “Kapeng Barako”
  • Raspberry Fruit-infused tea
  • French Macaroon
  • Tea Cart Garden

For the event place, you can hold the debut party in your home if you have plenty of space. But any indoor and outdoor location is also a good idea depending on your decor theme. Here are some recommendations:

Key Takeaway

There are plenty of unique ways to celebrate your debut, just think outside the box. Aside from these suggestions, you can also hold a masquerade, a costume party, or opt for a simple event at home! Just remember to choose a caterer that can provide you with delicious meals so the event would be memorable for you and your guests.

If you’re looking for a debut caterer, you can contact us here at Juan Carlo!


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