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    Unconventional Wedding Cakes


    What are examples of unconventional weddings cakes?

    1. Doughnuts
    2. Cupcakes
    3. Dessert Shots
    4. Cinnamon Rolls
    5. Pies
    6. Cake Pops

    Besides the bride and groom, the wedding cake is undeniably the star of the wedding reception. Many guests look forward to seeing the couple slice through the delicious confection before serving it to them. Plus, who wouldn’t want to get a bite out of that delicious delicacy right before their eyes? Wedding catering in the Philippines certainly know how important the cake is and make sure that they provide their clients with beautiful designs that is sure to make guests smile.

    Recently though, couples are looking beyond the traditional wedding cake look. Sure, the classic designs with multiple tiers of sweet goodness spells classical savory. But there’s something about the unconventional and unique ones that truly attract the eyes of many.

    From finger foods to mini versions of the classics, here are 6 dessert alternative desserts that will surely satisfy your guests’ sweet cravings:


    Whether it’s eaten with a hot cup of coffee, some ice cream, or on its own, a doughnut is truly the dessert that stands among the rest in its own right. With its various flavors and toppings that make every doughnut-eating experience unique, this dessert makes a mark in any setting.

    It is also starting to be seen in weddings and gaining popularity as a wedding cake substitute. If you’re yearning for that sweet and glazed goodness of doughnuts to be the centerpiece of your reception, then feel free to go to your local bakeshop to try and find the freshest, yummiest treats. Once you find the best doughnuts in town, then have it arranged in tiers to mimic a multi-tiered cake.

    As mentioned before, ice cream makes a great mix for doughnut. If you really want to mix things up a bit, then why not make a doughnut-ice cream sandwich? Also, you can try something new by adding in a doughnut bar, doughnut centerpieces or doughnut wall to the buffet table or cocktail hour.


    Sure, cakes are the dessert that make the peak of any wedding celebration. But cupcakes as the main attraction? Now that’s something out of the box.

    Cupcakes are a fun alternative to a wedding cake because of the various toppings available for anyone’s choice. You can take this to your advantage by providing all the flavors that you know your guests will love.

    To make this “cake” a beautiful centerpiece for the reception, go for a cupcake tower and make sure to stack up a couple extra tiers for that ‘wow’ factor. Every guest will be attracted to get his or her individual serving of a beautifully decorated piece of pastry.

    They are also easy to transport and prepare which makes for an easy set-up. When the celebration is over, these cupcakes can also be an easy giveaway.

    Dessert Shots

    Can’t decide what dessert to serve? Go for dessert shots! This option makes a great way to cater to the tastes of any age group; the more alcoholic ones can go to the adults.

    These sweet creations are as beautiful as they are delicious. You have a variety to choose from: strawberry cheesecake, chocolate mousse, and key lime pie, among many others. You can create an array of dessert shots on a side table with 4 or 5 varieties.  Also when compared to a slice of cake, these shots are easier to eat which is practical for walking and socializing around.

    Another thing about this dessert that adds to its greatness is that they can be presented in any way you want. Whether it be a tower or a standard row-and-column setup, you’ll surely be able to reign in some hungry eyes and sweet teeth.



    Cinnamon Rolls

    These delicious rolls are best when freshly baked and served hot with extra cream. Although such rolls are usually seen and enjoyed in a bakery or from your local coffee shop, it can also be the perfect attraction in a brunch-themed wedding.

    This is because the beautiful designs of cinnamon rolls make it a great choice as a centerpiece. While you can present them as edible decorations around the venue, you can also put them into tiers for a really unique cake. Another unique idea with these desserts is arranging them into makeshift bouquets. These can be given away as thank you presents given to your guests for attending and bearing witness to your romantic union.

    After a whole night of being around these desserts and being able to take them home, they’ll remember your epic celebration every time they have a cinnamon roll.


    A pie is one of the perfect wedding cake substitutes because it is one of the most seasonal foods around. Also, its rustic appearance will give a homey, avant-garde atmosphere in your wedding reception.

    You can go with mini pies, opt for a pie dessert bar, or stack multiple pies to mimic a tiered cake. Go for a variety of flavors like apple, blueberry, and chocolate cream for a classic twist.

    Also, you can even give mini-pies to give to your guests as goodies for attending the wedding. That way, after all that’s been celebrated, they’ll be able to enjoy a taste of love for themselves.

    Cake Pops

    If you love cake but want a wedding dessert that is more on the playful and miniature side, then consider cake pops. These decadent desserts are dipped in a candy shell for an extra dose of sweetness and topped with different toppings of your choice.

    Like with other desserts, you can go for a tiered cake pop. To get that artistic touch for the day, you can color coordinate these pops according to your wedding’s color scheme or create a mild gradation effect.

    Also, once everything is done and there are lot of cake pops leftover, simply pop them in the fridge and before you know it, they’ll be good to go.

    Key Takeaway

    These delicious options will definitely stand out from the wedding cake crowd. If you’re aiming for a unique wedding experience, then these are the foods for you. Remember, there is nothing wrong in adding a touch of uniqueness in the food, especially with dessert.