Ultimate List of Wedding Trends This 2020

February 4, 2020

What are the top wedding trends for 2020?

  1. Sustainability
  2. Fabric Flowers
  3. Micro Weddings
  4. Photobooth Trends
  5. Minimalist Wedding Dresses
  6. Beach Weddings
  7. Long Tables
  8. Various Menu Options


More couples have been straying away from classic wedding traditions in exchange for new ways to express their personality and style. There are hundreds of new wedding trends that come and go, and it can be quite overwhelming to choose just one. If you are looking for ideas to make your wedding one-of-a-kind, here’s a list of the ultimate wedding trends you can incorporate for your special day this 2020.



Nowadays, people are giving importance to reducing their carbon footprint and protecting the environment. Sustainability is being considered in almost all aspects of people’s lives, even at events such as weddings. Although there is no such thing as a perfectly sustainable event, here are the elements of a wedding you can apply to reduce your carbon footprint:


One of the biggest ways weddings can cut down on energy is to get married outdoors. There are tons of breathtaking sceneries you can choose from such as farms, vineyards, gardens, and beaches. If an outdoor wedding doesn’t suit your taste, then consider holding your ceremony and reception in one venue. This saves your guests from a long travel time and reduces the amount of pollution you emit into the air.


When thinking about sustainability and clothing, you may want to consider renting out gowns instead of having custom made clothing for your entourage. You can also choose for your entourage to wear their own clothes, but with a specific color aligned to your wedding theme. If you are confident in your sewing skills, you can even buy fabric and sew the entourage’s outfits for a more heartfelt touch.

Invitations and Giveaways

More couples are trying to be sustainable by making conscious wedding choices, such as in terms of invitations and giveaways. Instead of going for classic mail invitations, paperlessness is becoming more common, especially in this digital age. For giveaways, people have been giving out items that their guests will find useful in their everyday lives.


Fabric Flowers

Fabric flowers

One of the best things about using fabric flowers at your wedding is that they don’t wilt like traditional flowers. Guests can even use this as decoration for their own homes afterward. You can either get these silk flower bouquets done at a shop or have them done yourself for a more meaningful wedding.


Micro Weddings

It is very common for couples to go all out at their weddings. But lately, people have been doing less for more. One of the main things couples do for micro weddings is inviting a maximum of 50 people or less. This is a good, cost-effective approach to planning your special day. Fewer people to invite requires less food, invitations, and less preparation. Micro weddings value connection by inviting people that you value and have only been in touch with recently.


Photobooth Trends

Flat lay of props used for a wedding photobooth

Photobooth companies have been evolving their technology and services for all kinds of events. Aside from just the common method of getting your picture taken and having it printed out, there have been more innovative and creative styles done in photobooths. You can now set up photo booths that generate GIFs, 360 camera shots, and even the famous Boomerang.

Photoshoots done in a more professional setting have also been a trend. Some couples are getting more creative with extravagant backdrops and backgrounds. You can opt for this trend to ensure that your guests have an enjoyable experience that can make lasting memories.


Minimalist Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses are known to be extravagant. Some come with a long tail, veil, and embroidery. With the rise of minimalism, a number of brides are opting for simple white dresses that can stand out just as much. Minimalist wedding dresses are a good option for brides celebrating their special day at the beach because of their lightness and simplicity.


Beach Weddings

A bride and groom having a wedding photoshoot at the beach

More couples have been opting to celebrate their wedding at the beach because of the lovely scenery it gives while tying the knot. This can also double as your honeymoon and reception destination. You can never go wrong with the fresh air, blue skies, and the beautiful scenery that the beach offers.


Long Tables

Wedding receptions are a time for you and your guests to start celebrating a new chapter in your lives. Make it a magical night to cherish new memories. When surrounded by all the most significant people in your life, you want to ensure that they’re all having an excellent time. For a more intimate reception experience, you can opt to use long tables.

Long tables are a perfect way to easily converse with your guests. This also saves you time in planning and organizing the table arrangements. Not to mention it is also fun to decorate because it is easily customizable. From monochromatic décor, jewels, wood, or colorful linen, designing long tables will surely make you happy.


Various Menu Options

A buffet spread of various menu options

How food is served at weddings is becoming grander by the year. Aside from the venue and the entertainment at your reception, your menu will also be remembered. Couples are now selecting meals and service styles that speak to their personality. There are more flexible choices for how food is served at weddings such as plated dinners, the classic buffet style, and standing arrangements.

Securing a high-quality catering service for your wedding reception can definitely make your reception a great one. Catering services have been more flexible and accommodating in terms of meeting their customer’s needs. If you want the food at your wedding to be served well, consider hiring a quality service provider with good reviews and a diverse wedding catering menu.


Key Takeaway

Looking for ideas and concepts to incorporate into your wedding can be quite overwhelming. But with the rise and increase of wedding trends, there is surely something out there to suit you and your partner’s personality.


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