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    The Ultimate Wedding Checklist for Brides and Grooms

    You recently got engaged and you and your partner are at a high and are full of excitement. As you fantasize about your big day and what the future holds, certain concerns and questions start popping up. You start worrying about who offers the best catering in Manila, locations for receptions, and who to invite. You also start thinking about the planning process; you probably have all these ideas in your head but you don’t know where to begin.

    Take a deep breathe, look at your partner, and continue reading because the key to dispelling all of these worries is through organizing your ideas and making a plan. 

    Set your Budget and Consider Who are Invited

    Settle how much you are willing to spend on your wedding and reception. It is one of the most important events you’ll ever celebrate so make sure you have a big enough budget for your essential wedding features without going broke afterwards. Considering the people who will be there with you to celebrate your big day is also important. Carefully deliberate who to invite because they will form the group that will be immortalized in photos and videos. 

    Setting (Theme, Site, Date)

    Time to set the when and where of your wedding. Decide the theme and color schemes that your wedding will revolve around, as well as when the big day will be. Make a list of locations where you can hold your wedding and reception. Then, narrow them down based on price and whether it can accommodate your needs. Make sure the date coincides with the availability of the venue and will not clash with any other occasions to ensure that all of your guests can come. 


    Bridal Party

    Decide on your bridal party, the groomsmen, and bridesmaids. These are the people who will be by your side from now until the wedding. Make sure that your closest and most reliable friends and family members are in your bridal party. Take this opportunity to figure out what they will wear and what all their roles would be as well. 


    Now that you have a date and place set, it’s time to notify your guests. Make sure to create the invitations in accordance with your themes. Also, see to it that all the necessary information are clearly indicated in the invitation. 

    Food, Flowers, Film

    Look up the different services you’re going to need. Check the best catering services you can afford; then, consider whether you and your guests will enjoy the food and, again, if they are in line with your theme. Flowers and decorations are also important because they will frame your wedding. These things will help modify the ambience in the venue. Filming, may it be photos or video, is something you need to book early. Make sure that your videographers clearly understand how you want to present your wedding. 



    Find the best DJ or Band to play all your favorite songs. They will be in-charge of the music that will play during the entrance, as well as the different moments in your wedding. The music they play and their performance will influence the atmosphere on your wedding and reception so make sure to choose only the best musicians. Lastly they have the burden of making sure everyone has fun in your reception – there should be no one sitting when the dancing begins!

    These are the things you have to take note of to make your wedding a happy and memorable experience. Make sure to enjoy the planning process because you will only experience this once in your life.