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    The Ultimate Guide to Rescheduling a Wedding

    How can you successfully reschedule a wedding?

    1. Contact Your Wedding Planner
    2. Notify The Venue
    3. Inform Your Vendors
    4. Tell Your Guests
    5. Choose A New Date


    While no bride and groom ever want to reschedule their wedding, sometimes a date change cannot be avoided. In fact, that’s the reality many couples now face due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. If you are one of them, we’ve got the ultimate guide to rescheduling a wedding.

    For a couple’s most awaited day a rescheduling plan may seem really frustrating. Though this is an undoubtedly daunting decision to make, you will be able to get through it. Don’t lose hope of making your dream wedding possible. Read on to find out how to effectively tackle your wedding rescheduling!


    Contact Your Wedding Planner

    If you and your partner decide to reschedule your wedding, the people you have to contact first are those who are tasked to make the event happen.

    Did you hire a wedding planner? You need to update them because you will work as a team on this date shift. They will be able to help you out by calling the other vendors to discuss rescheduling policies.

    If you have any concerns, your wedding planner could be your point person for advice.


    Notify the Venue

    Shot of Young men and women use tablets to find and plan their w

    Whether it’s a wedding venue in Lipa, Tagaytay, or anywhere in the country, notifying your venue should be at the top of your priorities.

    Once you inform the venue provider about holding your wedding with them, they will block any booking inquiry during that day. It’s important that you stay professional and notify them.

    Ask them about their next availability and ensure they do not have bookings during your target date in mind. 


    Inform your Vendors

    There are numerous vendors that make any wedding possible. This can range from catering services, photographers, makeup artists, florists, event hosts, all the way down to light and sound providers.    

    Do not decide at the last minute to contact them. For other vendors, it would be very difficult to postpone their work if you reschedule. For example, your caterer would have already purchased all the menu ingredients or paid their waiters. Once it’s too late, it could mean rescheduling conflicts and additional costs.

    If you did not hire a wedding planner, you will have to contact all the vendors yourself. Clearly state that you are rescheduling. This is the time to talk about their service contracts, rescheduling policies, costs, location, time, the estimated number of attendees, and availability.


    Tell Your Guests

    Asian Couple Using Laptop And Smartphone Sitting On Couch Indoors

    It’s time to get the word out to your guests. Just like informing your vendors, the earlier the better.

    Following this tip is especially important if you originally planned on holding your wedding in a distant venue. If you notify your guests immediately, they are less likely to encounter issues with overnight bookings and other travel arrangements.

    Send a quick email or call your friends and relatives personally to tell them about the rescheduling plan. Don’t tell them details you are not sure of, instead catch them up on your process.

    Remember that once you reschedule your wedding, some guests may no longer be available to attend. They might have work or prior plans. But if you inform your guests as early as possible, there might be a better chance for them to make time for the event.   


    Choose A New Date

    It would be ideal to choose a date that is later than the pandemic recovery of the country. This would ensure that everyone is confident and safe to attend a mass gathering. 

    However, the most important thing to remember is that every factor must be well thought off. You simply cannot insist on a wedding date if the vendors, venue, and circumstances do not allow it. Be flexible. 

    Some of the questions you might want to consider when choosing the date are the following:

    • Does the government allow mass gatherings already?
    • Do you have ample time to get every vendor back on board?
    • Will your guests be able to attend?
    • Will the wedding venue be available?
    • What are you and your partner’s personal availability?


    Key Takeaway

    Let’s admit it. Planning for a wedding under normal circumstances is already hard enough. However, during these unprecedented times, rescheduling a wedding is a practical decision.

    We understand that you and your partner may be frustrated but it doesn’t have to be a daunting task! The process will be so much easier if you partner with reliable event partners.

    At Juan Carlo, we offer event coordination services that are inclusive in our wedding packages. Rest assured that we will help make your dream wedding smooth-sailing from beginning to post-event.

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