Here’s the Trendiest Wedding Proposal Ideas of 2017

September 8, 2017

What are the trendiest wedding proposal ideas of 2017?

  1. Proposal secretly captured on film – The proposal will be secretly captured, with its images and footage to be unveiled on the wedding day.
  2. Live performance proposal – A perfect example of this is a flash mob proposal.
  3. Destination proposal – Men would take their girlfriends to a special place before proposing.
  4. Collaborative act with family and friends – The man, who is planning to propose, will as the help of the girl’s family and friends to pull it off.


Before getting a wedding catering in Manila, most men will have to go through the challenge of planning a wedding proposal. The best thing about it though, is that there’s always a certain point during engagement seasons when men are able to pull it off creatively and smoothly. It almost seemed like it wasn’t a tough job to plan out – even though we all know that it is.

Summing up the viral wedding proposals of this year 2017, people have seen various marriage proposals that are all seemingly different; some relatively cool while others are grandiose and too perfect to even imagine them happening.

Are you curious for the trendiest wedding proposal ideas this 2017? Then, look no further because you can check them out below.


Proposal Secretly Captured on Film

Proposal Secretly Captured on Film

The first item on this list features couples, who seemingly have a normal wedding proposal until their wedding day. The whole idea behind this is for the groom to surprise the bride after they exchange vows.

Basically, the guy who’s planning to propose to his girlfriend would be hiring a “secret” photographer to capture the wonderful moment when the girl says “Yes.” This footage or pictures will remain hidden until their wedding day, when the guy finally unveils them.

The result of this delightful surprise is an emotional reception not just for the bride, but also for the guests as well. Essentially, all of them will get to see the occasion at its genuine moments.


Live Performance Proposal

Live Performance Proposal

Truth be told, clips of flash mob proposals have been going viral for a few years now, one of which showcases the Filipino actor, John Prats’ wedding proposal to his now-wife, Isabel Oli. This very video was uploaded on YouTube in the year 2014 and garnered a total of 1,233,775 views as of writing.

For this type of wedding proposal, it can be said that it needed a whole lot of effort to make it happen. As seen in the video, Prats had extended lengths of efforts to give Oli the best of what he can give her on his wedding proposal.

Over the years, the flash mob has become an inspiration to many. Though it may seem generic, some did a few takes of their own to make it creative and unique for the woman in their lives. Indeed, you could say that this type of proposal will continue to remain trending for some more time.


Destination Proposal

Destination Proposal

While some prefer strolling in a memorable place, or going off to buildings overlooking a scenic view of the city, some prefer to seal the deal in the most beautiful places they can bring their partners to. This may be somewhere exotic, or somewhere dreamy, depends on the woman’s preference.

While this may seem pricey, with the expenses on travel, hotels and others, for men, this is their way to make their proposals as memorable as they can be.


Collaborative Act with Family and Friends

Collaborative Act with Family and Friends

If the woman’s particularly close to her family and friends, it’s a great deal to include these special people in the actual wedding proposal. A wonderful instance of this viral act is Matt’s proposal to his then-girlfriend, Ginny. The proposal went as smooth as it can be, from Matt telling Ginny he’s working on a Saturday and getting her brother, Charlie, to accompany her to watch the movie “Fast 5.” Little did Ginny know that she’d be watching Matt on the trailers, asking her father for her hand in marriage. It was, then, uploaded on YouTube and garnered a total of 33,497,042 views.

Definitely, there’s a lot of ways you can pull off a proposal along with your soon-to-be fiancee’s family and friends. You just have to really know your girl in order to pull up a creative show.


Key Takeaway

The list can go on, with tons of other ways men can propose to the woman of their lives. However, the things listed here show that the important factor in planning out a wedding proposal is to do the things that makes her happy. Admittedly, there are a lot of things that can still happen this year. It’s possible for new trends to suddenly come up and go viral on the internet.

Even then, it’s matters not if it’s nearby, pricey, or cheap – what’s most important to keep in mind as you plan out your proposal is to make it hers to remember. By doing so, you will definitely get the answer you’re aiming for.


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