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    Top 3 Relaxing Beaches for Your Debut in the Philippines

    What are the top 3 relaxing beaches for your debut in the Philippines?

    1. Aquatico Beach Resort
    2. Acuaverde Beach Resort
    3. Palm Beach Resort

    Have you ever attended a beach debut? This venue is versatile! Guests can let go of conventional formal wear and opt for swimming attire. The crashing waves and the smell of the air are also relaxing for everyone. You can get a lot of Vitamin D from the sun. Or maybe enjoy the bonfire while humming to acoustic music. To keep it with the theme, you can hire a professional catering service to serve fish and seafood. If you’re looking for venues for a beach debut in the Philippines, read on!

    Aquatico Beach Resort

    Reed umbrellas and sun beds at the empty beach in Asprovalta

    If you want to experience the breathtaking view of Laiya Beach in Batangas, Acuatico Beach Resort is waiting for you. Swimming in their infinity pool will feel like you have the whole beach to yourself and your guests.

    If you want to don your formal wear, they have a banquet hall where you can celebrate your debut. For the best value and experience, you can look for their overnight packages for you and your guests. Your food can also be prepared by hiring a catering service to make your planning easier.

    What is waiting for you and your guests after a long day is a spa to relax you, a gaming room to bond with your loved ones, and even a playroom for the little ones! If you want an exciting adventure, there are also banana boats, fly boards, jet skis, fly fish, and speed boats.

    Acuaverde Beach Resort

    With a brown and white color palette, Acuaverde Beach Resort looks relaxing already. Also found in Laiya Batangas, their rooms have a combination of modern and native vibes with bamboo and Kubo-inspired decorations. They even have a pet corner! It just looks and feels like paradise.

    Their rooms have a private veranda where you and your guests can just chill out after the main event. You can feel the nice breeze before you sleep and the sun’s rays when you wake up in the morning.

    If you want to celebrate your debut here, you don’t have to worry because they have an events team to help you. Coupled with a world-class catering service, this special day will truly become memorable.

    Palm Beach Resort

    At sunset time on the tropical beach and sea with coconut palm t

    The good thing with Palm Beach Resort is that each casa will get full panoramic views of the ocean. In addition to the beach, you will see lush greenery and tall trees. The combination of green and blue brings calm, tranquility, and peace to those who will witness it. Sitting at the cabanas at the beachfront will take all your stresses away.

    The secluded location will provide the debutante and the guests an opportunity to unwind and appreciate nature. It removes the pressure of planning a celebration in a conventional setting. You can just make it casual and focus on the enjoyment of everyone. For this, you can hire a professional catering service.

    After the main event, you can take a dip in the infinity people, ride a kayak or a banana boat with friends and just look at the waters, try snorkeling, or just rest in their comfortable accommodation.

    Key Takeaway

    Beach events are one of a kind. Aside from celebrating a momentous occasion with your loved ones, it gives you a different feeling you can’t anywhere else. We can’t get enough of the view of the blue sea, the sand on our toes, and the soothing air.

    With beach venues, you can opt for the traditional debut with long gowns or choose a more casual theme with swimming attires and summer outfits. It depends on your preferences! The advantage here is that you and your guests can stay overnight and enjoy the facilities such as massage rooms, swimming pools, exciting water sports, or just relax on the beach. Coupled with a world-class catering service, you will surely remember this event for the rest of your life.

    Juan Carlo has been in the business for many years, serving not just VIP clients and couples, debutantes, kids, and corporate teams in making an event successful. If you’re interested in our debut package, click here. If you have any questions and inquiries you can also message us here.