Tips for Your Wedding Invitation

January 9, 2017

Wedding is an important milestone in anyone’s life. Plenty of people plan this big event meticulously, making sure that everything – from wedding catering to the venue – is organized as soon and efficiently as possible. After all, every couple wants things to run smoothly during their big day.

However, in the midst of all the planning, couples should not forget small details such as preparing and sending the wedding invitations. Make sure to allocate enough time and effort in crafting invitations. After all, your wedding will be devoid of guests without one. To help you, here are four tips that you should consider: 

Your Invite’s Design and Output

It is vital for you to conceptualize how your invitations are going to look like before you even print them. These are the factors you need to consider:


  • Colors – Your wedding invitation should incorporate and display your theme and colors. This is essential because it will give your guests an idea of how your wedding would look like.
  • Shapes and Sizes – The shape and size of your invitation should also be taken into account. If your wedding is traditional, then you should hand out rectangular cards that are 4.5 inch by 6.25 inch in size. Meanwhile, if the wedding is modern and playful, consider other shapes such as square, circular, and scalloped.
  • Legibility – While you are considering all the style and colors you would like to be displayed on your invite, don’t forget about the text and make sure it is legible. Remember to avoid using light colors for your text if your background is also light in color. Also, make sure that the font you choose can be easily understood by your guests.
  • Words and Spelling – Be wise with the words you use on your invitation. To be safe, use formal language as it is best when inviting someone to a wedding – even if you aren’t exactly holding a “formal” ceremony. Lastly, check and double check your grammar and spelling before printing out a copy. 

Extra Invites


You may think that ordering the exact amount of invitation cards for your guest list is a good idea, particularly since it can help you save money. However, that’s not the case, especially when you consider all the mishaps that could happen during the printing process and while disseminating them. Order at least an extra 25 wedding invitations, just in case. It is better to be safe than sorry, after all. 

Use Glue Stick

Using wet sponges to seal off the envelopes to your invite is risky. This method might end up damaging your wedding invitations in the process. Opt to use glue stick instead to ensure the safety of your invites.

 Think Ahead of Time

Wedding invitations, as mentioned above, take time and care to prepare. Do yourself a favor and plan ahead of time. Moreover, it would do you well to send them out at least two to three months before your wedding day to properly inform your guests and to give them enough time to save the date.

Keep these tips in mind when preparing your wedding invitation. Surely, they will help you efficiently prepare and distribute your invitations.


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