6 Tips For A Rainy Day Wedding

July 30, 2021

What are some tips for a rainy day wedding?

  1. Talk to Your Venue Provider
  2. Always Plan For Rain
  3. Work With Your Vendors
  4. Rent a Tent
  5. Embrace It
  6. Use Rain For Creative Photos

For those couples planning to have their weddings during the rainy season, the thought of it pouring during your wedding day might sound like their worst nightmare come true. It can be a damper on all of your hard work and carefully laid plans for the day — but that doesn’t mean your wedding is a lost cause. Use these six tips for a rainy day wedding to make some necessary plans — while the weather may be out of your hands, you can still save your special day.

Talk to Your Venue Provider

Talk to Your Venue Provider

The first thing you can do is call your venue to find what options are available to you if you were planning to have your wedding and reception outdoors. Consult both the venue coordinator and your wedding planner and discuss what the venue can offer in case of a rainy day. Does the venue have a covered space you could relocate to? Or would it be possible to use an indoor space?

Knowing these options will help you create a backup plan just in case it starts to rain. Make the necessary arrangements with the venue coordinator and your wedding planner to relocate the ceremony and reception at a moment’s notice. A good team could get an indoor space set up for you and your guests in about an hour, and should also have another spot prepared for your party to wait while it is being set up.

Deciding on your plan B early on will handle the headache of planning for alternative venues for your wedding on the spot. Your wedding vendors should also be notified of your plans so that everyone can come prepared should the weather suddenly change.

Always Plan For Rain

If you’re planning to have your wedding in a month that is known for its inclement weather, then always prepare for a 100% chance of rain. Whether the forecast that day says it’s going to be sunny, you will always want to plan the day as if the rain will eventually occur.

That means investing in wedding insurance just in case any of your rented equipment gets damaged in the rain (such as speakers or lights) and buying the appropriate gear for you and your wedding party. The last thing any bride or groom needs is to be stressed on their wedding day because they were caught off guard by the weather.

Work With Your Vendors

Work With Your Vendors

Always work with your vendors and keep them in the loop. Confirm with them if they have the right equipment and materials to work on a rainy day. Also, ask how they usually go about their job when the weather takes a turn for the worse. You will find out if your band can transport their instruments under the rain, or if your florist will need to make adjustments to your flower arrangements.

You can also ask them for solutions to a rainy day. Some photographers will be experienced in taking wedding party photos in a way that protects everyone’s dresses from mud. Caterers will let you know if they have ways to set up the reception to make it more comfortable for your guests. When you hire professionals, you can trust they know how to deliver their services for a memorable wedding.

Rent a Tent

Perhaps your wedding venue doesn’t have covered or indoor areas you could use on short notice. Or maybe you’re absolutely set on having an outdoor wedding and don’t want to move your ceremony or reception indoors. A great solution for you would be to rent a tent for your event.

There are many options for renting a tent — you don’t have to buy one when you’re only going to use it once. Many rental places have different shapes and sizes, which can fit even large wedding parties. You will also have the option of using an opaque or clear cover, depending on what aesthetic you’re going for. For example, clear tent covers can let in light and the beautiful outdoor ambiance.

Use Rain For Creative Photos

Use Rain For Creative Photos

Rain is often used in photography for its ability to create atmospheric and creative shots. When the weather is overcast, it provides much softer lighting and the surrounding environment can look dewy and dreamy. An experienced photographer will be able to make the rain work for you and produce some stunning photos of you and your wedding party.

Make sure to ask your photographer if they have any tips for styling in rainy weather and if they have any ideas for a fun photoshoot in the rain. If possible, you could also walk around the venue with your photographer before the day to scope out possible photo locations together. What’s important is that you discuss the ways you can still get the perfect wedding photos while working around the weather.

Embrace It

The last tip is to embrace it! — It’s better than denying the possibility of rain and getting stressed when it does happen on your special day.

Let your guests know that there may be a chance of rain in your wedding invitations, and most will come prepared for wet weather. Try to prepare enough umbrellas for you and your guests just in case some people may not have a way of covering themselves at the event.

Decorating and preparing wedding favors that match the weather are also a great way to make your wedding memorable! Since rain can bring windy and cold weather with it, you could offer warm beverages (like hot cocoa and coffee) at the reception as well as some blankets and towels for everyone to use.

Your guests will no doubt find the offered blankets and drink wonderful, and it’ll create a warm mood for the wedding reception as well. You could also create something cute for you and your spouse-to-be. Having a photo blanket or one featuring your initials will make a great accessory for your couple’s photos. Having your loved ones all cozied up will also make for a fun and lovable wedding photo book!

Key Takeaway

Everyone wants their wedding to run smoothly and to be married at the end of the night — rain or shine. While the weather might not be what you wanted for your special day, using these tips for a rainy day wedding will help you plan for it correctly. When done right, you could end the day with a memorable wedding and some beautiful memories and photos.


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