6 Tips On Planning a Successful Corporate Event

October 8, 2020

What are some tips on planning a successful corporate event?

  1. Determine the goals
  2. Stick to the budget
  3. Keep track of the attendee number
  4. Select the right venue
  5. Keep the audience engaged
  6. Hire a professional caterer


Hosting a corporate event is a great way to discuss business solutions, organizational objectives and boost employee morale. Depending on the event, it can serve a wide range of purposes to enhance business operations. This can be a seemingly insurmountable task. Thankfully, we’re here with the best tips on planning a successful corporate event.   


Determine The Goals

There is a plethora of reasons as to why you would plan a corporate event. From celebrating year-end achievements, launching a new product, throwing a Christmas party, all the way to targeting fundraising goals – the purposes are endless.

With that being said, it is important to determine the goals needed to be achieved. It will not only set you up for success with the rest of the planning process, it will also help provide context on what your attendees can expect.


Stick to The Budget

Business Asian women couple do account at home, Yo

Budgets are a critical factor when planning any event. When it comes to a successful corporate event, it can be highly dependent on the number of employees and the amount given by the management.

No one wants to end up overspending, which is why it is important to stick to the budget. It is recommended to have an amount set aside for unforeseen expenses. You would never know what problems can arise when planning the event.

To ease your mind, jot down all the expenditures such as venue, decorations, and catering services. Do not leave out anything. It is recommended to have an amount set aside for potential unforeseen expenses. By doing this, you are saving your event from shortcomings.


Keep Track of the Attendee Number

From the size of the venue to the cost of food, headcount will affect everything. Therefore, making this a priority is vital.

You can never determine the exact number of attendees. There might be some who arrive at the last minute and they might bring along more people. Don’t fret, the best thing you can do is to set a deadline for their response or estimate the number of attendees in past events.


Select the Right Venue

dining table ready for a party in a ballroom

Before you go ahead and book the venue everyone has been talking about, give it a good thought first. The venue must match your event needs. There is a myriad of considerations to think about.

Ask yourself questions such as “Will there be enough space for the attendees?”, “Will this venue be accessible for everyone?”, “Will this fit the budget?”.

Remember that the venue is the key to attendance. The venue you select will set the mood as well.

There are a number of venues in the country. Working with a caterer like Juan Carlo allows you to take advantage of their partner venues. You wouldn’t need to waste time narrowing down choices as they can offer venues that best align with your needs. 


Keep The Audience Engaged

Let’s admit it. No one can call a corporate event a success if the participants did not enjoy it. Be as creative as you can and leave a great impression on your participants!

If one event goal is to educate them, try out interactive activities. Get them out of their chairs and keep everyone engaged. After all, hands-on participation is highly effective for long term learning retention. 


Hire a Professional Caterer


It should go without saying that food is important in any event. Participants look forward to it. This is why in order to plan a successful corporate event; you must hire a professional caterer with a guarantee of outstanding service value.

At Juan Carlo, hosts and participants alike will surely enjoy everything we offer. From world-class food choices, top-notch event management, well-trained staff, to even lavishly decorated venues – we handle it all.

We understand that there may be participants that have special dietary requirements. This is why we can customize our food packages to cater to your event needs.

In addition, our services are inclusive of impressive buffet setups with food labels, designed dining tables with table numbers, registration tables, and professional waiters in uniform.


Key Takeaway

If you are looking for tips on planning a successful corporate event, check out the six we have rounded up.

If you partner with Juan Carlo, hosting a corporate event does not have to be challenging. From planning and execution all the way to post-event, let us handle it all.

As the leading catering services provider in the Philippines, we ensure that we take the hassle out of the client’s hands.

Click here to inquire about how we can help your corporate event become a success!


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