6 Tips for Planning an Outdoor Kiddie Party

August 1, 2022

6 Tips for Planning an Outdoor Kiddie PartyWhat are tips for planning an outdoor kiddie party?

  1. Decide on a creative theme
  2. Tell your guests what to expect
  3. Plan the guest list 
  4. Entertain with games
  5. Make your menu kid-friendly 
  6. Plan ahead to keep everyone comfortable

Every kid deserves a wonderful party that they will remember even when they grow up. If you want to create a memorable one, then why not take the party outside, and bring some fresh air to the table? 

Outdoor kiddie parties offer fun games, creative themes, and delicious food, while also keeping everyone cool and comfortable. There are also many party ideas you can try to make this celebration perfect. And, whether it’s a backyard BBQ kiddie party or an adventurous kiddie birthday party, you can hold it in an exciting events place in Manila. 

When it comes to your little one’s celebration, we know you only want the best! So, here are a few tips for planning an outdoor kiddie party to make it as smooth as possible.

Decide On A Creative Theme

When it comes to planning an outdoor kiddie party, you have more creative freedom in choosing the theme. Remember that the theme is important because it will determine the other aspects of the party, such as the decor, attire, menu, and program. 

Some fun outdoor kiddie party theme examples include unicorns, mermaids, fairy tales, dinosaurs, pirates, under the sea, or beach bash. If you can’t choose from these, you could always consider what themes your little one wants — they’ll have loads of fun helping pick out the theme for their birthday! Or, you could observe your kid and find out what they love watching or playing to narrow your choices down to the perfect theme. 

Tell Your Guests What To Expect

If you’re planning an outdoor kiddie party, your guests will need to know what to expect. Send out an informative invitation telling the guests everything they need to know — the attire (e.g. flip-flops, sundresses, shorts, tank tops to keep everyone cool), the theme, and the schedule. 

Tip: You can have your outdoor party during the late afternoon (around 4 p.m.). This will help you and your guests avoid the heat and sunburns.

Plan The Guest List

Will the outdoor kiddie party be a small gathering among your kid’s closest friends, or will you be opening it up to your friends and relatives as well? Plan the guest list carefully. Some children are comfortable with new faces, but others also get moody when surrounded by strangers. 

Aside from planning your guest list according to your child’s comfort levels, you should consider your budget. The more people you invite, the more you have to feed and the more you need to spend. 

Entertain With Games

Entertain With Games

No outdoor kiddie party is complete without games. They’re key to keeping everyone entertained and happy! 

There’s a huge list of outdoor kiddie party games to choose from, like a treasure hunt, ring toss, limbo, water balloon fight, three-legged race, capture the flag, or tug-of-war. All these games can entertain people of all ages — not just the kids you invite. 

Your outdoor kiddie party should be fun and memorable. For added excitement, consider renting some music systems, or even hiring performers for the day. 

Make Your Menu Kid-Friendly 

Make Your Menu Kid-Friendly 

One of the parts that everyone looks forward to when attending a kiddie party is the eating time. While you could always serve big amounts of home-cooked food, hiring a caterer would be less time-consuming, and a stress-free choice.  

The best catering services in Manila offer various menu options, which means you can choose food items perfect for the outdoor kiddie party. Remember that kids are often extra picky when it comes to food! 

So, you might want to offer finger foods such as sandwiches, pizza bites, and chicken lollipops as well as an assortment of thirst-quenching juices. Guests, especially the little ones, will need to hydrate after spending some time under the sun. 

Plan Ahead To Keep Everyone Comfortable

Holding an outdoor kiddie party requires early planning to be successful. While you can’t predict the weather, it helps to plan and check the weather on your chosen schedule. 

Make arrangements to move the party indoors if it suddenly rains at the last minute or set up tents to keep your guests dry, and on extra hot days, be more creative in keeping everyone cool. 

Key Takeaway

Now that we’ve rounded up a few tips for planning an outdoor kiddie party, you can ensure your little one’s occasion is smooth. If you need more advice on how to plan your outdoor kiddie party catering, you may get in touch with Juan Carlo — one of the best catering services in Manila! 


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