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    5 Tips for Planning an Office Farewell Party

    5 Tips for Planning an Office Farewell PartyWhat are some tips on planning an office farewell party?

    1. Set your budget
    2. Do a headcount of your guests
    3. Pick out a theme
    4. Check for menu accommodations
    5. Prepare a farewell gift

    Goodbyes are inevitable, even in the office. Whether they’re your office best friend or your seasoned mentor, you can make their resignation end on a happy note by throwing them a party. 

    Gather your colleagues and the team to plan a party they won’t forget. An office farewell party is a perfect opportunity to express gratitude and thanks to a valuable team member. 

    There is a lot of ground to cover to make this party memorable and personal for your co-worker. Luckily, the event experts here at Juan Carlo have the best tips on planning an office farewell party. Put your party planning hats on, and read up on these tips to help you put together an unforgettable farewell party. 

    Set your budget

    Before making grandiose plans for your colleague, you must set your budget. This will be a big help in picking out many factors for your party, from the catering menu to the party venue.

    Gather the committee or group of colleagues doing the planning. You can talk among yourselves to see how much each member of the team is willing to spend for the party. From there, you can start making decisions. 

    What’s important for you to remember is that your budget sets your limits. You don’t want to find yourself overspending or bumping into financial hiccups along the way. 

    Do a headcount of your guests

    Do a headcount of your guests

    To pick the caterer and venue, you will need to know how many people will be coming. Get a rough estimate of the number of attendees who will be attending the party.  

    When it comes to events, remember that it’s always better to overestimate rather than go under. This leaves you plenty of room to accommodate last-minute guests or give people the opportunity to get another round of food. 

    More importantly, you will need it when dealing with your corporate catering service. Menus and packages are usually determined by the number of guests. Check if your caterer will be able to accommodate the number of guests without compromising food quality. 

    Pick out a theme

    For a colleague’s farewell party, it’ll be more memorable if you make the event more personal. Gather suggestions from their teammates and close friends to take a peek into his hobbies and interests.

    With a theme you’ll be able to decorate and maybe even set a dress code for all the guests. If your colleague was a big fan of the TV Show FRIENDS, you can easily decorate the venue with its iconic set or set up his favorite quotes and characters around the venue. Maybe even have people dress up as their favorite character. 

    Whatever theme you end up picking, your colleague will notice it immediately.  It’ll make the event more memorable for him and everybody. 

    Check for menu accommodations

    Check for menu accommodations

    With a rough estimate of whom the guests will be, you now need to make sure the menus can accommodate special requests.

    There may be guests with strict dietary restrictions or food allergies. Discuss with your corporate caterer the menu accommodations that need to be done. You know you picked a good caterer if they ensure that all guests will be taken care of without sacrificing the quality and taste of the food. 

    Prepare a farewell gift

    An office farewell party celebrates one specific person on the team. The party already speaks volumes about how much they are appreciated, but what’s a party without a gift?

    You don’t need to require each attendee to bring a gift. Instead, give them a collective gift they can take home and remember the entire company by. This can be thank you notes collected from all the members of the team, or something related to one of their hobbies. 

    Whatever gift will be picked, be sure to add a personal twist to it while staying within budget.

    Key Takeaway

    Take note of the five tips given to ensure that you throw an unforgettable party. Your colleague will only say goodbye once, so let them go out with a bang.

    If you’re looking for a corporate event catering service in the Philippines, contact Juan Carlo to talk about your catering needs. We treat every client with professionalism and provide suggestions to make sure you remain within budget without sacrificing food and service quality.