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    5 Tips On Celebrating Christmas During The New Normal

    5 Tips On Celebrating Christmas During The New Normal

    What are some tips on celebrating Christmas during the new normal?

    1. Curate holiday care packages for loved ones
    2. Have good food delivered to your home
    3. Host an intimate Christmas party
    4. Make full use of technology
    5. Choose healthy food

    With the pandemic here to stay even through the holidays, you need to be smart when it comes to celebrating Christmas with your loved ones. This way, all of you will keep your best health whether you’re holding an event at home or at a special venue. With that in mind, here are some tips on celebrating Christmas during the new normal. Keep on reading to learn more!

    Curate Holiday Care Packages For Loved Ones

    Whether you’re hosting a Christmas party or not, one way to show your appreciation and love to your family and friends during the holidays is through a thoughtful gift. Help your loved ones stay happy and healthy throughout this time by sending them a holiday care package. With all of you staying home and spending time away from each other for most of the year, this simple gesture is sure to touch their hearts.

    Here are some of the things to include in your holiday care package:

    • Vitamins and supplements for better immune health
    • A scented candle that can help them destress and relax
    • Christmas treats such as cookies, candies, and chocolates
    • A Christmas card to tell them how special they are

    Have Good Food Delivered To Your Home

    Have Good Food Delivered To Your Home

    While the pandemic had dampened the moods of many, there are still plenty of reasons to celebrate this joyous occasion this coming December while safely staying at home. If you’re hesitant to eat out, treat your family with good food. Be on the lookout as some caterers also offer deliveries during special occasions!

    For some ideas, you should try out these dishes which are fit for the joyous event:

    • Chicken grand mere
    • Roast pork with prunes and walnuts
    • Ox-tail kare-kare with alamang
    • Norwegian pink salmon in tequila cream sauce
    • Seafood brochette with hollandaise sauce
    • Pasta marinara
    • Mongolian vegetables

    Host An Intimate Christmas Party

    If you’re planning a gathering outside your home, you can opt for an intimate Christmas party. To do this, only invite a small number of guests. It’s recommended to choose an outdoor venue if possible but if you’re celebrating indoors, make sure that the place is well-ventilated. Here are some recommendations:

    Other than your venue, you also have a few options when it comes to catering. For the safety of your event, Juan Carlo the Caterer offers a signature and modified plated catering service.

    In both options, all of the staff are equipped with the proper PPE. The tables are placed strategically so guests are 2 meters apart. The company vehicles and the commissary are also often disinfected. On top of these, you will receive Juan Carlo’s award-winning food.

    Make Full Use Of Technology

    Make Full Use Of Technology

    If you miss your family and friends outside your current residence but don’t plan to have a face-to-face event, you can host a virtual party. Make it fun by having activities that can be played through video conferences. Some ideas include Pinoy Henyo, Bingo, Pictionary, and Bring Me! If you’re feeling it, you can also watch a Christmas movie such as Home Alone.

    For the food, you can just ask your caterer if they deliver packed meals. This way, you’ll all be having the same food.

    Choose Healthy Food

    With the focus on health during the normal, it doesn’t hurt to do the same during the holidays. Choose dishes and drinks that have immune-system boosters such as citrus fruits, red bell peppers, broccoli, spinach, garlic, turmeric, and papaya. For meat, you can opt for chicken and shellfish!

    For some ideas, here are some of the food and drinks you could serve at your celebration:

    • Garlic and basil focaccia
    • Tofu steak with garlic turmeric sauce
    • Crispy river spinach with thousand island dressing
    • Chicken potato chowder
    • Baked mussel niçoise, toasted garlic, shredded cheese
    • Baked scallop, sliced lemon, pastis Prado wine, paprika cream sauce
    • Chicken kebabs
    • Yellow dalandan lemonade

    Key Takeaway

    Follow these tips on celebrating Christmas during the new normal to have a fun and safe event with your family and friends. If you’re interested in the dishes listed above, you can send us a message here at Juan Carlo The Caterer. With years of experience in the industry and a strong profile of well-known clients, you can trust us during your Christmas celebration!