Things To Consider When Choosing Events Place in Manila

July 28, 2022

Things To Consider When Choosing ?Events Place in ManilaWhat are the things to consider when choosing events place in Manila?

  1. Place accessibility
  2. Guest capacity
  3. Parking
  4. Venue ambiance
  5. Ocular visits
  6. Amenities and inclusions  
  7. Catering services accommodation 

Many people struggle to find the right events place in Manila despite having endless options to choose from. After all, the place or venue will have the largest impact on the event. 

Everything from the event date, catering options, and guest experience will depend on the event place you select. Too uncomfortable, too crowded, or too difficult to find are just a few of the comments you might hear from guests if you don’t choose the right event place in Manila. 

Sounds a bit intimidating? Here are some things to consider when choosing an event place in Manila to help you assess whether the venue can lead your event to success. 

Place Accessibility 

When choosing an event place in Manila, make sure to check if it is accessible and convenient for guests. Why? Because this will determine the number of guests that will be able to attend your event. 

You can choose an events place in Manila that is situated nearby city districts, as guests can surely access these via major highways and secondary roads. For an event that expects guests from other countries, choose a venue close to hotels. 

Consider the guests’ travel time to reach the event place in Manila. Make sure there is minimal traffic and plenty of transport options for them. This way, you can ensure everyone will be on time for the event and everyone would also be able to go home conveniently after a long day. 

If you want to further reduce the chances of your guests being late, you can provide them with maps with pinned locations or driving directions to help them navigate.  

Guest Capacity

Guest Capacity

Guest capacity is one of the major factors to consider when choosing an event’s place in Manila. Some venues have limited guest capacity. The last thing you’d want is for your guests to not have enough space to move around, interact, and enjoy.   

Ask for an accurate guest capacity from the venue management. Then, make sure to find out the potential number of people on your guest list to avoid going over the capacity. 


When choosing an events place in Manila, parking is also worth considering. Not having enough parking space for guests can affect the success of your event. For extra-special events with highly esteemed guests, valet parking might be needed. 

Check with your events place provider for this information. If there is no parking lot in the venue itself, check if there is any secure parking nearby or other solutions they may have. 

Venue Ambiance

The venue ambiance plays a major role in setting the vibe and theme of your event. Make sure your chosen event places in Manila can match the theme you want. For example, a formal event space or conference hall would be a more suitable corporate event to be attended by executives, while a banquet hall might be more fitting for holding elegant debuts or grand weddings.    

Ocular Visits 

It is necessary to perform ocular visits to your chosen events places in Manila. This will help with narrowing down your final list of event venues. Inspecting the place of the event in person can ensure all your requirements are met.  

Amenities and Inclusions

It is a major advantage if your chosen events place in Manila can offer you amenities and inclusions. Here are some of the things to consider:

  • Are there any light and audio systems available?
  • Will there be several comfort rooms to accommodate guests? 
  • Is there Wi-Fi at the place of the event?
  • Is there a kitchen for the catering service to use?
  • Will there be air conditioning to keep the guests cool?
  • Is there a kitchen that can be utilized by catering services?

Catering Services Accommodation 

Catering Services Accommodation 

Good food is a key to a successful event. When you serve a delicious menu, guests will certainly remember your event. Undoubtedly, good food and quality guest services can be offered conveniently by hiring catering services. 

So, make sure to check if your events place in Manila can accommodate catering services. Is there enough space for the catering provider’s tables, chairs, buffet setups, and other design setups? 

Key Takeaway

There are plenty of things to consider when choosing an events place in Manila. Once all of these are checked, you can guarantee you will have a suitable venue for your event.

If you’re looking for the best events places in Manila, check out our venues at Juan Carlo, such as the Old Grove Farmstead. If you have any questions about our venues in Manila, do not hesitate to send us a message.


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