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    8 Things Every Kid’s Party Should Have

    Things every kid’s party should have:

    1. Location
    2. Invites
    3. Party theme
    4. Party games and activities
    5. Food and Drinks
    6. Pictures
    7. Decorations
    8. Goody bags

    What makes a good birthday party is different for every kid — some may enjoy a small, simple get-together, while others are looking forward to a birthday extravaganza!

    While every kid has their idea of what they want for their birthday, there are just some things every kid’s party should have. To help you get started on planning the best birthday party for your kid, we’ve prepared a handy checklist for you to consider:


    Of course, you need to start with the basics: when and where you’re having the party. While you could always throw a party at home, it can be quite difficult and stressful. You’ll be handling all the party needs and hosting while also trying to spend time with your birthday boy/girl.

    Choosing to have it at a different venue — particularly one that includes a host — will allow you to let go of the reins and take in this special moment with your child. That being said, it’s important to know what you and your child want. Venues can vary from simple function rooms to full entertainment centers. Also consider if the venue provides other supplies, such as tables, chairs, and the like.

    If you’re planning on booking a venue, make your reservation sooner rather than later. Some venues and event centers can be extremely packed on weekends.



    After settling on the date, time, and venue, it’s time to draft your guest list. The size of the party should depend on your kid’s age, their friends, and their personal preferences. Weigh this against your budget — while your child may want to invite all their friends and classmates, it may not fit. Go through your list with your kid, and start choosing the main guests. Ask them who they really want there (which may include their best friends and immediate family). From there, if there is some wiggle room, ask if they want to include others.

    Once you’ve completed your list, consider what kind of invites to send. While you could organize a group and event on social media, having digital or printed invites can help everyone keep track of the date and time. Plus, you can use the invites to communicate specifics about the party, such as a theme or dress code. You may also want to prepare some thank you notes to give out after the party.

    Party Theme

    When you’ve settled on the venue and who’ll be coming, it is now time to decide the party’s theme. We encourage you to make it unique and aligned with your child’s interests. Ask them what their favorite show, movie, game, or toy is currently. You can also ask them if they have a favorite character they look up to. Some themes will be easier to follow than others, but this is a good time to include your child and the rest of your family in the party planning process!

    Picking a good theme is also a nice way to tie the whole party together, and encourage your guests to dress up and have some fun. Just remember that if you’re going for a theme, the decoration, props, and games should be related to it to properly set the party atmosphere.

    Party Games and Activities

    Party Games and Activities

    Your kid’s party should be fun and full of positive energy — which is where the planned games and activities come in! Consider renting some props and a music system for activities, or even hiring entertainers for the day.

    Also, consider the venue’s area before settling on the games and activities. Make sure you have ample space for all the planned festivities. And, make a rough and simple schedule for all the games — one rule of thumb here is to avoid making each activity too long, as kids have a short attention span. Lastly, decide on prizes for each game, plus points if you can make them match your party’s theme!

    Food and Drinks

    One of the most eagerly awaited parts of a kid’s birthday party is the food you’ll serve, and the cake for the birthday celebrant! While you could theoretically go home-cooked food and potluck for the event, it may be better to hire a caterer.

    Many great caterers in Manila offer a variety of menus, which means you have more to choose from. Your caterer will also ensure that the food, drinks, and cake are proportional to the number of guests. And, they can accommodate special dietary restrictions and allergies, so everyone can enjoy great food at the party!

    Booking a caterer in advance will help them plan accordingly for your party. It will also help prevent mistakes and delays with your order.


    Pictures are essential for such a special event. Nowadays, smartphones have amazing cameras, so you don’t necessarily need to invest in a traditional camera. But, you may also want to consider hiring a photographer for the day. This will be better at capturing the important moments, and ensure that you end the day with some great, well-shot photos. Avoid being the photographer yourself, as you’ll likely have your hands full with your kid and guests.



    You can’t leave your venue bare! You must decide on what kind of decorations to have at your child’s birthday party. Basics include balloons, party hats, table decorations, and wall decorations. You could also add some more flair to the party by preparing streamers, banners, yard signs, and more. Just remember to tie in everything you use to decorate your venue with the chosen party theme.

    We recommend avoiding décor like noisy party props, as they could disturb outsiders. We also recommend avoiding confetti, as it can make cleaning more difficult.

    Goody Bags

    What better way to end your party and thank everyone for coming than with some goody bags? Your local stores and supermarkets offer many supplies you need to DIY your goody bags, such as sweets, bag fillers, accessories, small toys, art supplies, and much more. If you have a party theme in place, then tailoring your goody bags to fit the theme will make them more special.

    Key Takeaway

    Knowing all the things every kid’s party should have, you should now be better prepared to host the perfect birthday party for your child! But, this is easier said than done, as there are a lot of things to plan for.

    This is where Juan Carlo comes in. We offer Children’s Party planning services, which can handle all the things on this list — and more! Our services are specially designed to create an unforgettable moment for you and your family that will be treasured for years to come. Contact us today to start planning the best birthday party for your child!