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    10 Things To Consider When Planning A Destination Wedding

    10 Things To Consider When Planning A Destination Wedding

    What things should I consider when planning my destination wedding?

    1. Think about the perfect spot
    2. Give your wedding party a head’s up
    3. Accommodation and travel for your guests
    4. Check local vendors and suppliers to save big
    5. Hire a professional planner
    6. Visit your wedding venue in advance
    7. Fewer guests may attend
    8. Communicate with your guests
    9. Make a welcome bag
    10. Prepare for the unexpected

    Having a wedding miles away from home on a romantic beach or the chilly mountainside can make for a memorable ceremony. But, planning such a wedding is no easy feat — before you set out to marry the love of your life, there are a few things to consider when planning a destination wedding. In this article, we cover all the bases, from how to choose your venue to coordinating the small details for your big day. Read on!

    Think About the Perfect Spot

    Think About the Perfect Spot

    The first thing you should first consider is the destination itself. The location you and your fiancé will choose play a big role in the theme, feel, and experience of your wedding. For example, a beach wedding in Batangas will have a more upbeat feel than say, a forest wedding in Tagaytay.

    This is also a good opportunity to choose a meaningful location for you and your fiancé. Think back to your favorite vacation spots — what locales, activities, and cultures did you both enjoy? Try to find an answer that plays into both of your interests and ideas for a dream wedding.

    Give Your Wedding Party a Head’s Up

    The next thing to consider is your wedding party. If you’re set on a destination wedding, it’s best to tell them as soon as possible — it gives them enough time to plan, or gracefully decline if their finances are tight.

    Accommodation and Travel Booking for Your Guests

    Accommodation and Travel Booking for Your Guests

    While accommodation and travel expenses are traditionally covered by the guests themselves, you must set expectations from the get-go. Inform your guest list if you’re arranging a hotel, or what they need to do to book their flights and rooms before the wedding.

    If you want to make this process smooth-sailing, you could book a travel agent to secure group reservations, and score the best flight and accommodation deals. You could also try setting up a Facebook group or group chat so everyone can share deals and make plans to travel together.

    Check Local Vendors and Suppliers to Save Big

    While you may already have your eyes set on certain vendors and suppliers for your wedding, you might be able to ease up on your budget by going local. Think colorful amaryllis or sunflowers that grow in Tagaytay, or serve fresh seafood in Laiya, Batangas.

    Going local not only helps you save money on transportation but also creates an immersive environment in the very location that you love.

    Hire a Professional Planner

    Hire a Professional Planner

    Though you might think your wedding will be simple enough without a planner, hiring a professional can save you a lot of time, stress, and money. An experienced planner will be intimately familiar with your wedding destination, making the planning process much more efficient — they can pick the right venue, church, caterer, and other vendors with ease.

    Do some research and find a planner that has developed close business relationships within the area. You could also ask around for referrals; you might uncover local talent you didn’t know about.

    Visit Your Wedding Venue in Advance

    If you haven’t been to the venue you’re interested in before, take the unpredictability out of the equation by visiting it before booking. Ideally, you should be able to experience everything your venue has to offer before finalizing your wedding plans.

    After booking your venue, try arriving a few days before your wedding to finalize all your event details — make sure your clothes, makeup, decorations, and other elements are prepped and ready for your big day!

    Fewer Guests May Attend

    Fewer Guests May Attend

    As your wedding date approaches, you may notice many people saying “no” to their RSVPs — which can be very disappointing. However unfortunate, this is part of having a destination wedding. Flights, hotel rooms, and other travel expenses may be too much for some of your guests to accommodate.

    So, it may be prudent for you to plan for about only half your guest list to make it to the wedding. Luckily, Zoom is now an option — live streaming the event is a great way to include those who couldn’t make it.

    Communicate with Your Guests

    To make things easier for everyone involved, make sure you’re in constant communication with your friends and family. An option for you is to create a simple website with all the important details — like group rates, itineraries, directions to the venue, etc. — all in one place. This way, you don’t have to field calls and messages all day, and your guests will be able to coordinate and make it to your wedding in one piece.

    Make a Welcome Bag

    Make a Welcome Bag

    You can show your appreciation to your guest for coming all this way for your big day by making welcome bags. These bags can be filled with items like sweet snacks, water bottles, sunscreen, and the like.

    Other things like suggested activities and games to do while waiting for the wedding will help them enjoy, as well as make them feel that they’re loved and valued, too!

    Prepare for the Unexpected

    When it comes to destination weddings, nothing is set in stone. Be sure to add some wiggle room in your budget for the unexpected — such as emergency purchases, shipping costs, baggage fees, and other expenses.

    Having backups of the essentials — such as vendors, caterers, flowers, and others — will also help you be adequately prepared for problems that occur on the day itself.

    Key Takeaway

    Getting married in your favorite vacation spot or a meaningful location makes your wedding extra special. But as enjoyable as the event could be, don’t forget these ten things to consider when planning a destination wedding. It will help you prepare for everything you need to make sure your special day goes smoothly!

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