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    5 Things You Should NOT to Include in Your Wedding Package

    What are things that shouldn’t be included in a wedding package?

    1. Too many expensive things
    2. A long guest list
    3. Unavailable entertainers
    4. Inconvenient wedding venues and other locations
    5. Non-professionals


    Wedding packages are there for a reason. Planning a wedding can be pretty stressful from the get-go and we wish for things to be a little easier to handle. Thankfully, things like wedding packages are there to provide us with little saving graces by including any wedding essential in one neat little package to be availed of. With these kinds of packages and deals to be made, every wedding to come can be a breezy process all throughout.

    However, while wedding packages include a variety of offerings for your own wedding, there are some things that should definitely not be included in the entire wedding itself, lest you want to risk any inconvenience happening on the big day. If you’re hoping to avoid that, here are some of the best things you may want to opt out of your wedding:


    Too Many Expensive Things

    Sure, we all want our weddings to be as luxurious as it can be. After all, it’s one of the many moments in our lives that we want to be memorable. However, it can be more memorable if you can actually afford the expenses that need to be covered for your wedding and too much luxury in your wedding can spell an early end for the celebration even before it begins.

    With that said, too many expensive things for a wedding is a good thing to opt out in your wedding package. It’s okay to consider things of luxury for some items for your wedding, as long there are kept in close moderation and are also properly considered in terms of expense.

    A Long Guest List

    A Long Guest List

    Another thing to consider when planning a wedding is your guest list. For this to properly work out, you must keep in mind the capacity of your chosen venue.

    It is understandable if you want to invite all your friends and family. However, you really should contemplate the available size your venue has. It wouldn’t make sense if you invite 500 guests when your venue is only good for 300 people. If you do so, your wedding will feel cramped – and you wouldn’t want this.

    In order to avoid this predicament, carefully examine your guest list and only invite the people closest to you. For sure, your other friends and family will understand if you explain your predicament to them properly.


    Unavailable Entertainers

    Another thing to consider in a wedding is none other than the entertainment that’s certainly going to draw a crowd for the event. In this case, there are only a certain number of entertainers around the Philippines that are sure to commit to the event you invite them for. Of course, you could try to contact your chosen act for your wedding. However, if they chose not to respond or tell you that they are not available, then it would be better for you to move on and find someone else.

    Inconvenient Locations

    Inconvenient Locations

    We understand that some brides and grooms have a specific venue in their mind to hold their dream wedding. However, sometimes the truth is some of them are pretty hard to book, which is why we encourage everyone to book their weddings as early as possible.

    In the event that your chosen location is unavailable for whatever reason, it is yet again best to move on and find somewhere else. Waiting for it to become available could be possible, of course. However, we wouldn’t want you to get your hopes up, which is why it would be better for you to look for somewhere just as good to hold your special day.



    Most wedding packages are made possible thanks to the work of professionals in this field. When it comes to having a wedding, you definitely want to hire people, who have been trained professionally to provide the best service possible.


    Key Takeaway

    Getting a wedding package for your wedding will surely make your life easier as you plan the day that will mark a new chapter in your life. Be sure to add all the necessary items you would need in your wedding, but you also must not forget all the ones that you should definitely avoid to make everything flow smoothly during your special day!