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    A Taste of Heaven: The Perks of Wedding Catering

    A wedding ceremony hundreds of years ago, before the Spanish colonialism, would entail being fed cooked rice by a tribal priest or priestess, washed down with water mixed with your and your partner’s blood. These days, the ritual of marriage is very much different – we do away with blood and tribal spiritual leaders and give way to prayers and legal documents. The one thing that has not changed over the years is the tradition of a feast following the wedding.


    Food plays an important role in many celebrations, including one that unites two people for the rest of their lives. The event may occur only for a single day to a couple of days, but to the newlyweds, it is the start of two lives bound as one. It’s no secret that the couple and guests will use the food served at the reception as one of the primary markers of how great the event was. If one does not serve great food at their wedding, then the commemoration of the union is deemed to less than successful. Juan Carlo catering will ensure that the only words you’ll hear to describe your wedding are magical and magnificent.


    The Perks of Catering


    One of the most anticipated parts of any wedding (after the ‘I do’s, of course) is the food served. You may be in doubt about hiring a caterer, thinking that you can rely on yourself, your friends, and your family to prepare the food. In the old days, family would get the women and start cooking for the feast two to three days before the wedding. Just imagine—a kitchen full of charming old and young ladies cooking up a storm for your special day. Nowadays this simply isn’t practical at all, as people are busier now than ever. The best way to save time and effort while making sure that excellent food is served is to hire a good catering service provider.


    Needless to say, your guests will be anticipating is a multitude of dishes. This often ranges from hors d’oeuvres to the main course to dessert. Some types of food go well together but others don’t, which is why you must be careful in choosing the food combinations to be served. These dishes should not clash nor possibly upset your guests’ stomach. An experienced caterer will be able to advise you on which types of food go best with each other. Juan Carlo can also suggest set menus that have been tried and tested before, with guaranteed satisfaction.


    Even with exceptional food, poor service can still negatively affect the dining experience.

    For this reason, each member of the catering crew of Juan Carlo are trained to provide nothing but fast and excellent service.


    Don’t put off choosing a caterer until the last minute. Some couples think that making arrangements with a caterer a month or two before the wedding is sufficient time, but it is highly recommended for the betrothed to hire a caterer ten months to a year before the wedding. The best caterers aren’t always easy to book due to the sheer number of people who seek their service, so book early to raise your chances of success. This will also allow ample time for food tasting and other important decisions.


    Choose Only Juan Carlo

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    For the best service, choose the best caterer. Juan Carlo has been the top pick of wedding coordinators and event planners all over the Philippines for the past twenty years. Since it catered the wedding celebration of power couple Senator Bong Revilla and Congresswoman Lani Mercado in 1998, Juan Carlo has been the go-to caterer of numerous stars in the country. Some of the most recent weddings Juan Carlo has served for are Zoren Legazpi and Carmina Villaroel’s November 15, 2012 wedding, Miriam Santiago and Ardy Roberto’s March 25, 2014 wedding and Chirto Miranda and Neri Naig’s December 14, 2014 wedding.


    Excellence is the name of Juan Carlo Wedding catering. Proof of this are the numerous awards received by the company, including 1Esplanade’s 2009 award for Most Professional caterer and The Wedding Library’s 2013 award for most sought-after Wedding supplier.


    When it comes to food, Juan Carlo wedding catering has numerous menus to choose from, ranging from an all European to a mixed menu. To lessen the hassle, the engaged couple may opt for a wedding package which not only includes the food but practically everything the reception needs from the tables to the emcee to the gorgeous cake. What more can you ask for?


    With all the wedding preparations, you need to be able to entrust the food duties with an expert. Your reception is sure to be a hit with Juan Carlo’s outstanding menus and packages.