Why Are Summer Weddings So Popular?

April 9, 2017

Preparing for your wedding day requires a lot of time and effort, from searching for the best wedding packages to whittling down the guest list to suit a budget. It’s also important to choose the right date and time for your ceremony and reception. This can be a bit tricky in countries where there are four seasons, but since we only have the wet and dry seasons, it’s really a no-brainer.

Still, it’s good to know the perks of saying your “I do”s during the summer. Here are some of the reasons why summer weddings are popular today.


Granted, it gets very humid during the summer. Still, the weather is more consistent during this season, which means you do not have to worry about sudden rain showers and thunderstorms. You’re bound to have a warm and breezy day!


One of the best things about tying the knot during this time of the year is that it is the best time to have an outdoor wedding. Do you want to have a tranquil garden wedding? Or maybe you want to achieve that picturesque beach wedding you always dreamed of? These wedding themes are easier to plan during summer. The trick is to choose a time of day when it’s not scorching hot and you’re golden.

Convenience for Guests

One good thing about summer weddings is that those still studying are on a long break. Parents and their kids are more likely to be able to attend the ceremony, even if it’s going to be held somewhere far away from Metro Manila. In fact, it gives everyone an excuse to have a long weekend without worrying about kids having to attend classes the next day. A summer wedding tends to be far more convenient for guests in terms of schedule.                                                      


You’ll get a wider range of dress options – from elegant suits and gowns, to summer dresses and khaki pants. It really depends on the theme you are going for. You can allow guests to wear something super comfortable or super creative! It will surely make your wedding a unique and memorable one.


There are a lot of great trends you can choose from for a summer wedding. Bright hues and pastel colors are the popular shades for ceremonies this time of year, so you can try combining just two hues plus an accent color. This will make your wedding space look more unified and sophisticated. Or you can go with one pastel shade plus an accent color. Research color schemes that you want to use for your wedding theme to see which suits you best. For the music, sounds with a laid-back vibe will be suitable even for such a traditionally elegant celebration.

Overall, summer weddings are popular today since it is effortlessly beautiful in all aspects. In addition, this is the perfect chance to mix celebration and vacation with your friends and family members that have supported you and your betrothed all throughout your journey.


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