6 Tips When Planning A Summer Wedding

April 15, 2021

What are the tips when planning a summer wedding?

  1. Choose cooler time points for your event
  2. Choose an air-conditioned or open-air venue
  3. Pick lighter color palettes for your theme
  4. Decorate with flowers that can handle the heat
  5. Keep your guests hydrated with welcome drinks
  6. Opt for lighter dishes on your menu

It might not be obvious at first, but booking wedding packages in the Philippines for the summertime can provide numerous benefits for you and your guests. After all, with consistent weather available, you have lower chances of having rain. Other than that, you also have better honeymoon options such as staying on a beach resort. Lastly, you won’t have to worry about school schedules and holiday-related work overtime, so more guests can attend. Keep on reading for more summer wedding tips!

Choose Cooler Time Points For Your Event

Choose Cooler Time Points For Your Event

You don’t want your entourage and guests to endure the summer heat at your wedding. While it is possible to schedule your ceremony during the early morning hours before the extreme heat spikes at 9 am and onwards, you also have to think of the reception which could take 3 to 5 hours.

That’s why it is recommended to schedule your ceremony after 4 pm for the best results. As a bonus, a sunset ceremony is also a perfect photo opportunity for your wedding photo book! After that, you and your guests can enjoy the cooler temperature with an evening reception.

Choose An Air-Conditioned Or Open-Air Venue

But if you can’t help but have a daytime wedding, you can always choose an air-conditioned venue such as Juan Carlo’s Event Center in Batangas City. Besides, churches are also located nearby for easy access.

But if you’re having a sunset wedding, you should take advantage of the twilight during dusk by having an outdoor event. For example, you can have it at Acuaverde Beach Resort while enjoying the calm breeze or at the beautiful gardens at Hill Creeks Garden Cavite for a beautiful nature background. For more flowers and greens, the Glass Gardens in Pasig is also recommended!

Pick Lighter Color Palettes For Your Theme

Pick Lighter Color Palettes For Your Theme

Now that you have your venue and time picked out, you need to consider the theme of your wedding! If you’re going with deep reds or dark blues, your entourage might feel hotter in their outfits. After all, dark-colored fabrics absorb heat, unlike light clothing.

Because of that, it’s best to stick to lighter colors such as pastel greens, ivory, and beige. Not only will it feel cooler but it will also look refreshing to the eyes, making these colors a good choice for the reception decoration too. Fortunately, a reputable caterer from Quezon City also provides thematic backdrops, a wide array of linens, a sofa for the celebrant, and more.

Decorate With Flowers That Can Handle The Heat

When paired with your light-colored palette, flowers can make any space much more vibrant and beautiful. Imagine having your guest’s tables filled with an assortment of floral centerpieces while they’re dining. Isn’t it romantic?

Because of that, you need to make sure that you’re choosing heat-resistant blooms made for the tropical weather. Good choices are garden roses and gardenia but you could also ask if your caterer provides succulents and other non-floral options in their styling services.

Keep Your Guests Hydrated With Welcome Drinks

Keep Your Guests Hydrated With Welcome Drinks

Now that you’re settled with your décor, the remaining things you need to plan are the food and drinks. Because your entourage and close family members will be busy helping you with the event, it’s important to keep them hydrated during this hot season. Also, don’t keep your guests waiting for too long between the ceremony and reception.

Thankfully, wedding packages from Juan Carlo include welcome drinks for your guests. During cocktail hour, a delectable selection of treats will be served with refreshing drinks such as green cucumber lemonade with cucumber bits! Aside from that, you can also opt for a halo-halo station for added refreshments.

Opt For Lighter Dishes On Your List Of Menu

Because it’s the summer season, you can opt for lighter dishes that won’t feel too overwhelming. Fortunately, caterers such as Juan Carlo will offer a wide selection of foods for the appetizer, main entree, and dessert courses. With this, you can make the right choice for your event. For example, their chefs can provide you with more than 20 options just for the delicacies at cocktail hour.

Salads are also a great option for appetizers because they include veggies and fruits that will refresh the palate. For your main entrée, fish and seafood are summer favorites so the Fish Fillet with creamy champagne sauce, leaks, shallot, and celery is a must-try! And don’t forget the Calamansi Sorbet for a refreshing dessert afterward.

Key Takeaway

If you’re scheduling your wedding from March to May, these summer wedding tips will help you achieve a successful event. Because of the hot weather, you need to make some important decisions when it comes to the time, venue, decoration, and food. Fortunately, your caterer can help you with some of these.

If you’re looking for a wedding package that provides the best value, trust only Juan Carlo the Caterer! As a tried and tested event supplier with satisfied clients throughout the years, they can help you make your dream event come true. From the menu, styling, and cordial staff—you are guaranteed to have the best wedding reception you deserve.


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