6 Summer Wedding Menu Ideas You And Your Guests Will Love

June 4, 2021

What are summer wedding menu ideas you and your guests will love?

  1. Be creative with your drinks
  2. Add hydrating foods to your buffet spread
  3. Keep the food light but filling
  4. Serve seasonal dishes in your reception
  5. Incorporate fresh ingredients into your menu
  6. Don’t forget the chilled desserts

Are you having a wedding during the summer season? You can take advantage of the weather to have an intimate celebration at the beach or keep cool in an airconditioned reception venue. Some couples also choose to tie the knot during the sunset to make it more romantic while also lessening exposure to the sun! But aside from the venue, one of the most important elements of your event is the food. Here are some summer wedding menu ideas!

Be Creative With Your Drinks

Be Creative With Your Drinks

Whether you’re traveling on the way to the venue or performing your surprise dance performance—during the summertime, you would inevitably sweat. Choosing the right venue schedule for your wedding can reduce this concern, but you also need to serve enough beverages to keep you and your guests comfortable. That’s why you can serve creative drinks at your event!

For example, instead of plain water, how about an ice tea concoction with mint and peach infusion? Aside from that, Wild Forest Berries is a best seller at Juan Carlo the Caterer. It is a concoction of different herbs and berries that is refreshingly served in a wooden tray—which adds to the aesthetic.

Add Hydrating Foods To Your Buffet Spread

When you’re choosing your summer wedding menu, don’t forget to add hydrating foods. You can incorporate watermelons, cucumbers, radish, lettuce, strawberries, peaches, melons, and more! Soups are also a good idea. With a diverse list of ingredients, you will have numerous choices for your buffet.

For the appetizer, you can opt for the European Salad with strawberries, peaches, grapes, romaine, and honey-glazed almond. Aside from that, the crabmeat, celery, and carrots soup is also delicious and hydrating. If you need your greens, you will love the bouquet of green vegetables in French Bechamel sauce for the main entrée.

Keep The Food Light But Filling

Keep The Food Light But Filling

During the summertime, you’ll want to feed your guests throughout the event without making them feel lethargic. For this reason, you should keep the food light and delicious! For the cocktail hour, you can choose the Vietnamese spring rolls, Crispy River Spinach with thousand island dressing, or Skewered watermelon with cheese and black olives.

To keep your guests full throughout the event, you can also incorporate some grazing stations for them to keep coming back to. For some ideas, try out the following!

  • Popcorn Station
  • European Cheese and Cold Cuts Station
  • Sushi platter station

Serve Seasonal Dishes In Your Reception

When most people think of the summer season, grilled foods and seafood dishes would come to mind. That’s why whether you’re celebrating on the beach or inside an airconditioned event hall, it is nice to have these at your reception. For some ideas, you can add the following to your main entrée choices!

  • Grilled Chicken Breast Fillet with Peri-Peri Sauce, Red Bell Pepper, and Fresh Chili
  • Roast Pork with Prunes and Walnuts
  • Grilled Blue Marlin in Lemon Butter Sauce
  • Seafood Brochette with Hollandaise Sauce

Other than these, avocados, pineapples, and mangoes are also in season. That means this is a nice time to add that deluxe mango cheesecake you’re eyeing.

Incorporate Fresh Ingredients Into Your Menu

Incorporate Fresh Ingredients Into Your Menu

During summer, people gravitate to fresh ingredients to keep their meals light and refreshing. Other than fruits and vegetables, why not serve sushi and sashimi? Seafood on ice is a nice option if you want to preserve the natural flavors of the ingredients. Fortunately, Juan Carlo the Caterer serves the following:

  • Sushi And Sashimi Bar
  • Salmon Sashimi Station With On-The-Spot Salmon Carving
  • Seafood On Ice (mussels, oyster, crab claw, baby crab, baby prawn)

Don’t Forget The Chilled Desserts

To make the final choices for your summer wedding menu, don’t forget the chilled desserts! You can serve refreshing fresh fruits in your buffet but you can also opt for sweet foods—and it’s better if they’re served cold!

For some ideas, a calamansi or buko lychee sorbet would be nice. If you want another iced dessert, a halo-halo bar with leche flan is also a crowd favorite!

Key Takeaway

During the summertime, most people are looking for lightweight, fresh, and cold foods that can combat the heat. That’s why if you’re planning a summer wedding, you can take these tips into account while deciding on your menu.

If you’re looking for more summer wedding menu ideas, you can send a message to Juan Carlo The Caterer! They have a wide array of appetizers, main entrées, and desserts that will fit any season.


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