Summer Wedding Attire Ideas

May 30, 2017

Going to a summer wedding? Wedding packages in Manila vary and tend to follow a theme, which guests must then follow as well. If there’s a dress code, it is imperative that you follow it! Nevertheless, here are a few ideas.


A Vintage Dress

If you’re a fan of 1950’s vintage style, this could be the perfect time to wear them! You can rock a dress with a voluminous skirt without worrying about being too extra. For a more svelte look a wiggle dress is another option you might want to consider.

A Lively Suit

Those who aren’t a fan of dresses may opt for a pantsuit instead. Aside from being super comfortable, it’s also quite versatile – you can dress it down a little for work, wear just the blazer with the dress, or wear the pants with a plain top. It’s best to have the suit custom-made, but buying off the rack isn’t so bad! Just make sure you still take it to the tailor though so it fits you perfectly.

A Maxi Wrap Dress

If you’re attending a formal ceremony, you can pair up the maxi dress with statement earrings, stylish heels, and an elegant clutch. If ever you’re attending an outdoor ceremony, flats or wedge shoes are more ideal.



Jumpsuits come in many forms, so choose one that is evening-appropriate. It must be full-length and made with nice fabric such as silk or satin. Just like the pantsuit it can be much more comfortable than wearing a dress. Except for when you have to go to the bathroom. Nevertheless, a solid-coloured jumpsuit is very elegant when paired with pumps, and minimalist pieces of jewellery.


The sky’s the limit with how you style yourself when you’re attending a summer wedding. Having a dress code to follow can be actually quite fun if you take it as a challenge! Just be sure you don’t leave choosing an outfit to the last minute! Most importantly, wear something you’re comfortable with so you can spend the night focusing on the married couple rather than fussing around with your clothes.


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