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    5 Elements of a Successful Buffet Table Arrangement

    What are the essential elements of a buffet table arrangement?

    1. Clean and crisp table linens
    2. Smooth flow
    3. Labeled dishes
    4. Strategically positioned decor
    5. Available support


    The advantage of learning about the essential elements of a buffet table arrangement is avoiding the pitfalls. Buffet tables are prone to shortcomings. You have to invest in prompt catering services to replenish dishes as well as utensils and table napkins to keep your guests happy. Here are some of the elements of a buffet table that you must incorporate into any event.


    Clean and Crisp Table Linens

    Clean and Crisp Table Linens

    The first rule when it comes to table linens and runners is that they should be clean and crisp. The tablecloth does not only serve as a protective layer for the table but also amplifies the overall presentation of the dishes. More often than not, tablecloths come in layers of two to three assorted colors. Typically, a white cloth will be fashioned as an underlayer, followed by neutral colors, and finally by darker colors. The reason why deeper colors are placed last is to lessen the color contrast that is created by the cloth and the dishware used to serve food.

    For occasions such as weddings and debuts, especially those that have a color motif, aligning the shades promotes coordination and uniformity. Utilize folding techniques to add décor to the sides of the tables. Alternative runners can be doilies, rustic wooden boards, and burlaps.


    Smooth Flow

    Put yourself in the position of guests, it is a pain to fumble through plates, napkins, and utensils as you get food. Make sure that you systematically place the dishware and dishes in the right order. Typically buffet tables start from left to right, however, there are buffet tables that are separated. Place plates at the beginning of the buffet table to signify the entrance. For utensils and table napkins, have them ready on each guest table so they can have an easier time.


    Labeled Dishes

    Labeled Dishes

    Some dishes on your menu may be easily recognizable by your guests. However, for more difficult dishes, small cards containing the names of the viands may help your guests out. This way, the guests are informed of what they are about to consume and will not need to ask the servers any further questions.

    To make things even simpler, note down the raw ingredients included in the dish on the cards. As more and more people are becoming increasingly aware of their diet restrictions, labels will allow them to know which viands suit their diet. This is also suitable for those who have specific allergies.


    Strategically Positioned Decor

    The bells and whistles of your buffet setup do not have to burn a hole in your pocket. There are creative ways to incorporate a center of attraction. One of which is to smartly acquire resources. Consider your budget, the image you want to project, as well as the theme of the occasion to be able to tell which décor is appropriate and which is not.

    Strategically think of the pros and cons of each piece as well. Take a look at chocolate fountains. These delicious treats can add a magical element to your dessert table. But the downside of liquid fountains is the mess it can create. Sculptures made of wood or ice are also famous decors. However, buffet showstoppers should not consume a large area of the buffet table.


    Available Support

    Available Support

    There are two kinds of support that you can extend to your guests, both of which will give them an easier time. One is a small plate to place serving utensils on and the second is in the form of waiters and food servers. To provide the guests with the full experience, give them the convenience that they do not realize they even need.

    Why is the plate for serving utensils important? To begin with, it is to keep the buffet table clean and to prevent the cross-contamination of different viands. Most of the time, serving utensils gets misplaced into different containers because there are no designated plates to hold it. In terms of food servers, you should station at least three food servers that will each handle two viands. In this manner, the guests will receive assistance whenever they need any information.


    Key Takeaway

    To present guests with the best experience, make sure to incorporate the essential elements of a buffet table setup. While displays and decor are necessary to make the table attractive, strategically placing the cutlery and viands is a major plus. Provide your event guests with good food and great convenience for an unforgettable time.