Small Party Catering Philippines

February 9, 2023

Intimate gatherings and small party catering in the Philippines are unexpectedly elegant affairs one should try out every once in a while. If you’re looking for quality service, tasty dishes, and a sense of style for your party, Juan Carlo should be your go-to for premier quality. The experience with Juan Carlo is unlike any other. Tons of testimonials from local artists, celebrities, and loyal clients are bound to convince you.

There’s no reason for you to not choose Juan Carlo for your next or first catering experience. Expertise in food and service is the defining quality of Juan Carlo. Instead of choosing an unknown catering service, your event is a guaranteed success here. You can book Juan Carlo for a number of events. Need a wedding reception and ceremony? Juan Carlo’s experts are ready to help you find the best venue, menu, and design for your most intimate event. Are you a company looking for a professional result for your corporate function? You can get a bespoke experience with just a call, email, or visit at Juan Carlo’s HQ. For lovely debutants, no matter if you’re having a small party catering in the Philippines or a grand event, Juan Carlo will guarantee that your special day runs smoothly with the highest industry standards.

Are you curious about us? Here’s what makes Juan Carlo special.

High Profile Catering

Each person celebrates milestones and special moments differently. Taking it up a notch with an intimate gathering or a large function is one way to make it memorable. However, there are tons of different aspects, factors, intricacies, and planning that goes into these events. Juan Carlo promises to make it easy by providing everything you could possibly need. To make any party or function memorable, catering is the key to treasure the moment. With Juan Carlo, you can choose different food serving styles and cuisines to suit your unique tastes.

Need a kick with local delicacies? Juan Carlo is an expert at various Filipino Staples. Fill the main course with delectable seafood dishes, savory sauces, and the sweetest fruits and desserts for an authentic luxurious Filipino dining experience. The menus available to choose from are curated to ensure that you choose the best among the best to guarantee tickled taste buds all around.

For more Asian cuisine, Chinese dishes work well with Filipino staples for a Filipino Chinese fusion. Enjoy the flavorful dishes of each culture and add a timeless experience with each bite. Your dining experience is guaranteed to be well-made and cooked to perfection, all the while being served on time.

If you fancy going around the world, all you need is a unique menu to be served at your event. Juan Carlo can also provide awe-inspiring European cuisine for both you and your guests. Dive into different cultures, and delectable cakes in just one bite. Choosing the best caterer means choosing Juan Carlo. Their repertoire of over 20 years of experience and a star-studded clientele can help you achieve the event menu of your dreams.

Stunning Venues

Another important aspect of event planning for small party catering in the Philippines or even large functions is choosing the right venue. The right venue can impact how your event runs and how your catering will be successful. Thankfully, Juan Carlo has many venues to choose from. You can choose the plethora of venues all across Manila to create the perfect backdrop for your treasured memory. From Batangas to Metro Manila, there’s a venue that will surely fit your aesthetic and what you need. No need to fuss over complicated details, Juan Carlo will be with you every step of the way. From canvassing, initial booking, and finalization of the venue. Event preparation has never been easier.

Juan Carlo: Our Story

With all the hype surrounding Juan Carlo, who is Juan Carlo exactly? Juan Carlo started out like any humble business with a unique story. Alex del Rosario and Teresita Macatangay met abroad in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and started their own adventure and fairytale. The love in their hearts and their business savvy minds allowed them to realize a Food-to-go business in Al-Khodair. They were exposed to various exotic cuisine that helped them become masters in international dishes. Their love blossomed throughout the years and they finally married in 1991. In 2 years, Juan Carlo del Rosario was born. The del Rosarios returned to the Philippines, with their success and experience in hand, and settled in Batangas to start the premiere business we know today as Juan Carlo the Caterer.

Juan Carlo instantly gained recognition when they catered to the Centennial Wedding of Senator Bong Revilla and Congresswoman Lani Mercado. Juan Carlo has since then serviced a number of celebrity clients and is known as the superior catering company of the Philippines. Juan Carlo continues to grow today as one of the top choices in the food and service industry. Juan Carlo is associated with full-service luxury for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

If you are looking for world-class dinner party catering in the Philippines, Juan Carlo is all about luxury and we want what’s best for you and your event. It can be overwhelming to choose from a diverse menu but with us, you can indulge your taste buds by partaking in Juan Carlo’s exclusive tasting experience. This special event is only for reservations. It’s a gastronomic delight that you can’t compare. You can dive into savory trademark dishes, per-request menus, and more. You can experience all this in a comfortable premier venue. You can lay back and relax as Juan Carlo’s chefs and staff are ready to tend to your needs. Your unique course meal will be overseen by none other than Engr. Alex Michael U. Del Rosario, the founder and chairman of Juan Carlo.

Make Your Fantasy a Reality with the Juan Carlo Experience

Are you ready to experience small party catering in the Philippines at its finest? Look no further than Juan Carlo. The Juan Carlo experience is a luxurious, trademarked full-service event planning and catering package. When it comes to private party catering in the Philippines, it doesn’t matter how small or big your event is; the Juan Carlo experience is like no other. Forget about unorganized and unprofessional catering services. Trust in Juan Carlo’s star-studded repertoire and experience. For all events such as weddings, debutante balls, corporate functions, and children’s parties, you only deserve the best. Book your own tasting or contact us to get started on making your fantasy into a reality!