The Finest Small Intimate Wedding Venues In The Philippines

Small intimate wedding venues in the Philippines are one of the most popular events today because it fits this time of uncertainty. With the pandemic going around, you want to make sure that you and your guests are as safe as possible.

In reality, weddings don’t have to be as grand as you think. It should be all about the memories you create and the sacred act of marriage itself. You can achieve many themes on a budget with small venues. And, with a creative partnership with Juan Carlo Catering, you can achieve the wedding of your dreams with the right intimate wedding venues in the Philippines.

Batangas Wedding Venues

Batangas Wedding Venues

Looking for paradise? All you need is to drive away from the city and reach Batangas for some small intimate wedding venues in the Philippines. These secluded venues are perfect for the ultimate private experience that lets you recharge and reset at the same time.

Acuatico Beach Resort

One of Juan Carlo’s venues includes the beautiful Acuatico Beach Resort. This resort is a hidden paradise in Laiya Batangas that sets the right mood of luxury relaxation and seclusion. Celebrate your romantic milestones at the pristine white sand beaches of Acuatico or enjoy an indoor wedding at one of their tried and truly cozy facilities.

Acuaverde Beach Resort

Another escape to paradise is the Acuaverde Beach Resort. It only takes a three-hour drive from Metro Manila to land in a nature-meets-comfort destination. Laiya is famous for its white-sand beaches and lapis lazuli waters. It’s easy to just dive in and melt into a relaxed and refreshed state. If this interests you, a stunning beachfront wedding at Acuaverde might be your perfect small intimate wedding venue in the Philippines.

Tagaytay Wedding Venues

Tagaytay Wedding Venues

Tagaytay is another classic destination for many reasons. It’s an easy drive, there are lots to do, and the environment is perfect for small gatherings. Tagaytay has always been a popular choice for Juan Carlo clients in terms of weddings and other similar functions. You can choose from an array of venues that will fit your theme and budget.

Affinitrees Tagaytay

Affinitrees Tagaytay is an excellent choice if you want an elegant experience and a glamorous view of one of the most iconic lakes in the Philippines. The architecture exudes a classical romance that can pull the heartstrings of any architecture enthusiast. Affinitrees Tagaytay can host intimate wedding receptions and small business gatherings in the Serenity Room with a capacity of 50 pax. Or if you want something grand and rooted in nature, there’s also a garden that you can use as your small intimate wedding venue in the Philippines.

Alta Veranda

Looking for something grand but still curated for your small guest list? Alta Veranda is an excellent choice for you. Alta Veranda de Tibig is an excellent venue for all types of events. It’s a venue with a unique combination of class and beauty that can transport you to the world of royal weddings. This venue is perfect for receptions, indoor parties, and other special occasions.

Escala Tagaytay

Modern style and comfort is achieved at Escala Tagaytay. It’s a hotel that features a modern pavilion that can host small and large events of any occasion. Have your intimate wedding in the Philippines here and enjoy the modern, minimalist facilities that are perfect for anyone that’s looking to settle down from the fast-paced mood of the city. After your wedding reception, you can go straight into your honeymoon and take advantage of the infinity pools, al fresco dining, and the sky deck.

Metro Manila Wedding Venues

Metro Manila Wedding Venues

Alternatively, you could be looking for a venue within the city. Juan Carlo has many venues you can use within Metro Manila to achieve your small intimate wedding.

Light of Love

Light of Love is an events place situated in Quezon City. It houses over two hectares of exotic trees, blooms, and waterfalls at every turn. It’s a venue that can accommodate both intimate and lavish affairs. In an age of uncertainty, you can rely on this event venue and Juan Carlo to bring you the best experience within Metro Manila.

La Castellana

La Castellana is another option you should check out. It offers a blend of traditional Filipino-Spanish architecture with a modern twist. There are tons of venues to choose from with La Castellana. From their Salon de Joaquin Ballroom to the Patio Domingo, you can enjoy indoor events or outdoor events depending on your mood. It’s located within Intramuros and, if you’re looking for a matrimonial experience that fits your roots, this venue has welcomed various religions such as Buddhism, Christianity, and more.

Versailles Palace

Versailles Palace is a bride-worthy venue for couples looking for that French ambiance locally. First-class amenities ensure that your wedding reception will be a memorable one. Function rooms and grand ballrooms are ready to rent within the French-inspired commune. Small-scale weddings can fully enjoy the architecture, surroundings, and ambiance of a truly Instagram-worthy experience.

Why Should You Have A Small Intimate Wedding With Juan Carlo?

A couple saying their vows in an intimate wedding venue

Juan Carlo is an established company that you can trust for your small intimate wedding venues in the Philippines. You will only receive the highest quality safety standards and experience to fit modern requirements. Juan Carlo will help you achieve a curated guest list to create an intimate ambiance and memorable event that’s easy to plan and organize. Choose how you want your event to go. Choose what you want to serve and Juan Carlo will handle the rest. You can ask other companies to help you out but why not stay with an established brand that can guarantee both your safety and enjoyment?

Choose From The Finest Small Intimate Wedding Venues in the Philippines today with Juan Carlo!

Planning a small intimate wedding can be challenging during this time of uncertainty. You need to practice the highest safety standards and social distancing to properly abide by local laws. It can be overwhelming to trim your guest list down to a curated set of individuals. Instead of worrying on your own, let Juan Carlo ease your burden.

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