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    6 Reasons Why Sefriya Farm Getaway is the Perfect Venue for Your Debut

    Why should you celebrate your debut at Sefriya Farm and Orchard?

    1. Stunning natural and man-made landscapes
    2. French-inspired photoshoot venues
    3. Sprawling areas for guests
    4. Cozy accommodations
    5. Being part of Sefriya’s advocacy
    6. Partnerships with catering services


    Your debut is a momentous occasion that calls for a celebration beyond the ordinary. If you’re looking for a venue that exudes timeless elegance and offers a unique experience, look no further than Sefriya Farm and Orchard. Located in Alitagtag, Batangas, this enchanting estate captures the essence of French-inspired beauty, making it the perfect setting for your special day. From stunning natural landscapes to cozy accommodations, Sefriya has everything you need to create unforgettable memories.

    Blossoming into a lovely young woman is one of the milestones every girl wants to celebrate with her relatives and closest friends. Whether she chooses a grand spectacle or an intimate gathering, there’s no question that most girls want to celebrate this occasion with something a bit more special than their usual birthday party.

    That’s where debuts come in. And when it comes to your debut, Sefriya Farm and Orchard is an ideal venue for celebrating with the people you hold most dear to your heart. In this article, we’ll walk you through some of the best that Sefriya has to offer.

    But don’t just take our word for it. Let the photos in this blog do the talking as well, as they take you on a trip to this French-inspired marvel in Alitagtag, Batangas. Read on to immerse yourself in the vintage beauty of Sefriya Farm and Orchard!

    Stunning Natural and Man-Made Landscapes

    Stunning Natural and Man-Made Landscapes

    Some venues boast architectural marvels while others take pride in the untouched elegance of a natural space. Fortunately, Sefriya has both of these qualities in generous supply.

    Just look at how man-made designs play with the natural landscape of their Liwasan venue, which pays homage to the Versailles Garden in France. Whether by day or by night, this sprawling and whimsical area is perfect for setting up photo shoots, cocktail spaces, or even tables and chairs for a meal setup.

    French-Inspired Photoshoot Venues

    One of the best things to do at Sefriya is have a photo shoot and make the most of its gorgeous locations. Immortalize the memories you’ll make throughout your debut with a few—hundred—photos that you can take in a diverse set of venues throughout the estate.

    Sefriya Farm and Orchard has five connected venues: Tipanan, Liwasan, Cariñosa, Hiraya, and Kapilya. Take your pick among these settings, or move from space to space as you take gorgeous pictures that will transport you to another time and place—a celebration in France, anyone?

    Sprawling Areas for Guests

    If you’re after a grand celebration, say no more! Sefriya is a rustic 1.8-hectare property that makes full use of its available area to make your event the best it can be.

    After your garden photo shoot at Liwasan, you can have a stage and buffet set up in the 152 sqm pillarless ballroom that is Tipanan Hall. On the other hand, for more intimate gatherings, you can have a mini dance floor in the domed hall that is Cariñosa.

    Also, did you know that if you book all of the Provence-style accommodation rooms in Sefriya, you get exclusive and special access to another venue? It’s called Hiraya Garden, and it’s perfect for gatherings with your chosen few.

    Cozy Accommodations

    Cozy Accommodations

    Speaking of accommodation rooms, there’s no need to travel all the way to Batangas on the actual day of your debut. You can also travel a day or two before, and spend the night in Sefriya prior to the big day! Not only does this allow you to familiarize yourself with the place, but it’s a chance to take even more great photos in the many settings available to you.

    There are Superior and Deluxe Rooms available on Sefriya’s roster, and like the rest of the venue, they are styled in the iconic style of Provence, France! Relax and unwind in these whimsical rooms, and experience quality service like no other.

    Being Part of Sefriya’s Advocacy

    It might be your debut, but fortunately, you’re not the only one who benefits! Thanks to Sefriya’s advocacies, you will also be helping the local community simply by using the estate’s amenities and services.

    Sefriya is more than just a business venture—it’s also a social enterprise. They provide livelihoods and access to quality education for the locals of Alitagtag, Batangas. 30% of the hotel’s total profit goes to their livelihood and scholarship programs, so you know that your money isn’t just going to your event; it’s also going to feed, shelter, and educate those in need.

    What could be better than giving back to others on your special day?

    Partnerships with Catering Services

    Finally, what Sefriya Farm debut is complete without professionals that bring it to life? Sefriya has partnered with party planners, decorators, and catering services like Juan Carlo to make your day the absolute best it could be.

    Juan Carlo brings its catering packages and debut planning services to Sefriya to make sure your celebration is full of good food, spectacular decor, and memories that will last a lifetime.

    Key Takeaway

    If you’re looking for an ideal 18th birthday party venue, look no further than Sefriya Farm and Orchard. And if you want the right catering service to bring your debut to life, you’ve come to the right place! Juan Carlo is the preferred events catering services company in the Philippines, and we know exactly how to make your dream debut a reality.

    Contact us today for inquiries, and if you already have a venue in mind for your event, book a tasting experience to start assembling your menu. We look forward to serving you!