San Agustin Church

If you’re looking for wedding packages in Manila, look no further than San Agustin Church. Located inside the Walled City of Intramuros, this baroque style Roman Catholic church was built in 1907 by the Augustinian order.

It is characterized by its intense motion and sharp details that produce dramatic visuals that appeal to senses and emotion. The structure is a true survivor, living through several earthquakes. It is a strong and resilient symbol of Intramuros, which is still a sight to see in this day and age.

San Agustin Church is perfect for couples who want a traditional or grand wedding. The mighty resilience of the San Agustin church can also represent the strength of the bride and groom’s relationship. It is an everlasting testament to their love and harmony.

The robust baroque walls decorate the church, truly bringing the art in real life. Transport yourselves in another world as you walk on the aisle enveloped in the unbecoming Spanish touch of Intramuros.

This spellbinding wedding venue is one of the few Unesco World Heritage Sites in the Philippines. The striking acoustics of San Agustin fortifies the powerful, angelic vocals of any choir. The church is also rich in history, holding the remains of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, Juan de Salcedo, Martin de Goiti, and our own famous painter Juan Luna.