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    Salad Galore! The 4 Common Types of Salad

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    Vegetables are an essential part of anyone’s diet. In fact, an entire menu and method of preparation for vegetables was developed using vegetables as the main ingredients. These are called salads.

    An extremely versatile meal, salads are appropriate for any occasion, whether it be a work brunch, a dinner date, and even in corporate catering in Manila. Usually what’s available in the menu are set salads, but the beauty of this dish is that, if done at home or at a salad bar, you can adjust the proportions and even the ingredients to whatever you please!


    Different Strokes for Different Folks

    It’s no secret that individuals differ in their taste preference. This is why it is extremely efficient that salads are very flexible in terms of ingredients and preparation. There are many ways to prepare a salad and quite frankly, anyone can have their own version of the popular Caesar salad. Some people may enjoy it with carrots while other people would rather have corn as a side. In short, salads have no fixed recipe and people are free to mix and match whatever recipe they want. That’s what makes salads so fun and amazing. They are delicious no matter how they are prepared because people can prepare them in their own, special way.

    Not All Salads Are The Same

    Salads as mentioned above are really flexible because they can be prepared however someone wants them prepared. However, there are a few traditional ways to make a salad and here they are:

    Tossed Salads

    Tossed salads are the most common form of salad that you can see on a regular basis. They are present at parties, caterings and even the occasional dinners at home. They are made by combining vegetables, dressings and some meat in a bowl. The body, or the main component of the salad relies on leafy vegetables such as lettuce or spinach. Nuts, cheeses and fruits are often added into tossed salads to increase the flavor and the volume of the meal.

    Composed Salads

    Composed salads are a more organized version of tossed salads. Their main ingredients vary but they still rely on vegetables. However, the main difference between tossed salads and composed salads is the overall theme. Composed salads are more organized and they are all individually crafted to be orderly.

    Bound Salads

    Bound salads are a more hearty form of salads and they are bonded together by an ingredient such as mayonnaise or a special type of vinaigrette.

    Farinaceous Salads

    Similar to tossed salads, their main difference lie in the main ingredient. Farinaceous salads are mainly made with potatoes or pasta and these hearty meals are filling and delicious.


    Of course, these traditional salads are merely guides on how to create your own salad. However, the best part about salads is that, as stated above, they can be finely crafted entirely according to your preference. However, if you’d like a professional’s take on salads then why not give Juan Carlo’s menu a try at your next big event?