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    6 Ideas For a Rustic Farmstead Wedding

    What are some rustic farmstead wedding ideas?

    1. Comfort Food Menu
    2. Retro Soda Pop Bottles
    3. Lace Draperies
    4. Table Lantern Centerpiece
    5. Rolling Bar Cart for Charcuterie
    6. Use Plenty of Wooden Decorations


    Beach and rooftop weddings are some of the most popular venues for wedding commemorations. But celebrating at a farmstead provides a one-of-a-kind breathtaking experience for the couple and their guests. Barns weddings are perfect for couples who love to be enveloped in nature and who find solemnity in the rustic vibe that farmsteads exhibit. From table decorations to buffet setups, here are some rustic and fashionable farmstead wedding ideas you can incorporate into your theme.


    Comfort Food Menu

    Sumptuous meals and great desserts are the secret ingredients of any memorable wedding. There is nothing that makes guests happier than piling their plates with classic comfort food and going back to the buffet table for some more. To serve the best menu for your barn wedding, make sure you obtain catering from professional services. They should be able to help you come up with the best dishes, regardless of whether you wish to serve Filipino comfort food or other international culinary dishes. Here are some of the dishes that no Filipino can ever say no to.


    Is it really a Filipino celebration if there is no lechon (roast pig) on the table? Labeled as the National Dish of the Philippines, lechon is essentially a barbecued pig served on top of decorative banana leaves. They are roasted in a rotisseries movement over a pit of charcoal. Request your caterer to cut the lechon into pieces as the buffet opens so that it is easier for guests to get a portion.


    A true Filipino party is incomplete without the presence of chicken and pork adobo. The term adobo is a method that refers to simmering pork and vegetables in a marinated sauce.


    Another popular comfort food in the Philippines that you can definitely find in every restaurant and carinderia is sinigang. There are three popular versions of sinigang: beef, pork, and fish. A medley of vegetables like tomatoes, garlic, and onions are also included in the mix. Broth is added to enhance the sour taste of the dish.


    Kare-kare is best enjoyed with spicy bagoong. It is a thick peanut stew made of oxtail, tripe, and pork leg. Some vegetables such as eggplant and string beans are tossed into the stew to complete the entire taste of the dish.


    In Filipino culture, sweets and desserts are not less important than meat, fish, and rice dishes. One of the most popular desserts is halo-halo. There is nothing more refreshing than halo-halo, especially if the wedding celebration is held in the afternoon.


    Retro Soda Pop Bottles

    Retro Soda Pop Bottle

    Choose to serve drinks in soda pop bottles or anything that looks like a milk bottle to relive the days when farmers would drink milk fresh from their cows. Put the drinks in a wooden tray and use funky paper straws. Serve fizzing refreshments for your guests in soda pop bottles for a rustic and vintage feel. If you are looking for more, print out a couple of your pictures and paste them onto the surface of the bottles. Make sure the type of sticker paper you use is waterproof.


    Lace Draperies

    For table skirting, use tulle or lace draperies for a vintage effect. Usually, it is the responsibility of the caterer to provide the tables, chairs, utensils, as well as table napkins and skirting. To ensure everything goes as planned, make sure to tell the caterer about your table skirting requests. For the buffet table, instead of using table skirting, opt for a burlap or runner to differentiate it from the rest of the tables in the venue.


    Table Lantern Centerpiece

    Table Lantern Centerpiece

    Lanterns look lovely and romantic during both the day and the evening. They make great centerpieces that go well with vintage lace table draperies. You can either look for rustic-looking lanterns that will match well with the farmstead or use the color of the wedding theme. To make the table decoration extra dainty, put in flowers, leaves, and a couple more candles around the lantern. Lanterns are versatile decorations. You can even hang them in entryways.


    Rolling Bar Cart for Charcuterie

    Make the after-party more fun by setting up a charcuterie bar together with the drinks. Use a rolling bar cart as a grazing table where you can display bite-sized munchies as you allow the drinks to flow. Serve a variety of cheese, meat, bread, and fruits as well as pizza or candy. Place the charcuterie boards on rolling bar carts and station them near the buffet table.


    Use Wooden Tables and Chairs

    Wooden chairs and tables for an outdoor wedding reception

    You can either use normal wooden tables and chairs or get creative with wine barrels and wooden round chairs or benches for a rustic and shabby chic wedding reception. If you wish to put large groups in one table, you can use two large barrels to hold a rectangular piece of wood to fashion a make-shift dining table. Otherwise, a single barrel can hold a circular piece of wood for smaller groups.


    Key Takeaway

    If you have already decided to have a farmstead wedding, use these ideas to pull off a shabby chic and vintage theme. Mix and match modern with rustic through decorations. Lastly, make sure to plan the event well with your wedding planner and caterer to align the decorations and design with the theme of the celebration.