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    17 Reasons Why You Should Get Married In The Summer


    17 Reasons Why You Should Get Married In The Summer

    Summer is drawing near. While there are people planning escapades and vacation getaways for the season, summer is also a time for love. This means that the blazing heat isn’t only meant for those who are ready to showcase their beach bodies, swimming gear, and outfits. It’s also the time for the passion of lovers to set ablaze through a wedding. Luckily, catering services in Quezon City are always readily available for such occasions.

    Of course, you may be wondering why you should want to have a wedding at a time when you should be spending your days by the beach or the countryside to relax. But then again, when isn’t a perfect time to say your vows towards one another? With that said, here are the reasons why you should give a summer wedding a try!


    People Are More Alive

    It goes without saying that summer keeps people on their toes. When summer comes, the mind is always set for days of abandoning the comfort of home, and being outside most of the time. So why not channel that lively desire to be outdoors and invite your guests to a summer wedding? The festivities will surely be a great kick start to the season!


    More Flower Options

    Although spring is said to be the time when the flowers are in full bloom, you don’t wait for spring to come to a country like the Philippines. Nevertheless, summer is the season when flowers are most vibrant and plentiful, and fresh. Catering services in Quezon City can provide these fresh flower arrangements for you. This is the perfect time to experiment with different floral designs and bouquet options when the flowers are at their fullest.


    Summer Nights And Romance

    A wedding during the summer doesn’t mean you have to do it when the sun is at its harshest. Summer nights are great too, especially for guests who love to party. Beat the blazing heat of the day through dance and interaction once the sun sets. Summer nights also induce that romantic vibe between you and your partner so that you can be sure that you can feel the heat even without the sun beating down on you.


    You Can Opt For Outdoor Weddings

    Most of the time, you can expect the summer weather all sun and all fun. This means that this is the perfect time for you to opt for an outdoor wedding venue. If it proves too hot, try setting the time around in the afternoon or near evening so that the weather is a bit cooler. And who wants their getup ruined by the fierceness of the sun? Let loose and enjoy the summer breeze as you and your significant other take your wedding vows.


    More Honeymoon Travel Options

    A wedding isn’t complete without the much anticipated alone time between the couples. By celebrating during the summer season, you can be sure that you’re in for a treat. With numerous destinations that are perfect for the season, the choice is all yours when it comes to finding the perfect summer honeymoon getaway. Chances are, all locations you can think of spending your honeymoon are readily available. Just make sure it’s free from the noise and rave of the public who are also enjoying their summer days.


    Creative Catering Displays

    You can set your mind on just about any reception ideas you may have thought of without fear of gloomy weather or not having guests to appreciate them due to their busy schedules. It may drizzle, but at least you can use the change in weather to cope with the expectations of your guests.


    Have a Unique Wedding Pool Party

    The concepts and ideas for getting married in summer are just endless. If you want to go all out and detach from the usual norms of a traditional wedding, why not set your reception by the poolside? This allows your guests to make use of the pool area to maximize their amusement after the wedding formalities and be one with the spirit of summer.


    A Night Owl Reception

    Not everyone enjoys the notion of being outside during the day. Some would rather enjoy various festivities at night The warm summer evenings are going to perk up the night owls among your guests. You may want to use that to your advantage by celebrating a summer wedding with a reception that starts in the evening (say around 6:30 p.m). Cocktail bars and DJs rented may be maximized in this way.


    Consistent Weather

    Our country usually only experiences two types of weather. One could either end up drenched by a downpour or stark dry by the sun’s blaze. With a summer wedding, you can expect consistent weather; a bright, clear day most of the time. This gives you time to consider your plans for a memorable marriage.


    Bright Colors Are Alright

    When thinking of a theme for your wedding, you might have come across the issue of what color patterns to mix and match in order to create a pleasing atmosphere connected to the theme. Summer is perfect for bright colors because the light can be used to showcase the brilliant displays better, especially with outdoor venues. Consider the rich, warm, summer light before you decide which colors should go for the themes you have in mind.



    Flexibility, in this case, assumes that every element that should be part of and should make up for the grand marital day. Here, you can be sure that you have access to caterers and venues without hassle or other stresses which may divert you from your focus on the event. It’s easier to move around and to gather assistance from others because of the availability of schedule the season permits.


    Healthy And Fresh Meals

    As expected of weddings, no matter what season you choose to celebrate, one of the most anticipated parts is finding out the menu for the reception. If you decide to pursue a wedding during the summer, you can use fruits and vegetables as the highlight of your menu. These are the products that are harvested fresh and in-season during summer. Also, make sure to keep your guests hydrated and have plenty of water going around.


    A Wedding Gown For the Summer

    When choosing a wedding gown in time for summer, you can rest assured knowing it doesn’t have to be too extravagant. With the humid weather engulfing the country no matter what time you plan to start the celebration, a light, breezy wedding dress is perfect for the occasion. If you are bold enough to show a little skin, the summer season is a great reason to flaunt this style.


    Save Money

    Summer weddings do not necessarily call for an all-out extravagance. For one thing, your food catering does not require a heavy menu plan as people tend to eat less in the hot weather compared to when it’s cold and cozy. With an outdoor venue, the decoration need not be heavy as well since the surroundings will naturally build up the atmosphere for you. Use the season to your advantage to become productive and resourceful.


    Instagram Worthy Photoshoots

    Naturally, part of the wedding celebrations are the snapshots your photographers and your guests are taking here and there. Everybody wants to show off the dresses and outfits worn during the event on social media. But the highlight of all of these photos taken is the bright, vivid sunlight that emphasizes every color and every shade of the clothes you and your guests are wearing. Summer sunlight is your own natural source of picture-perfect lighting. Not only does it benefit your guests during the festivities, it also benefits you and your partner as well as your photographers when capturing those shared moments of intimacy.


    Incorporate Cold Desserts

    One of the great things about having weddings during the summer—any event, really—is the presence of good food. Other than the menu you have made with your caterer comes the highlight of the dessert. Since it’s summer, people are expecting that you have sweets which could counter the heat. Set up a dessert bar which includes ice cream, shaved ice, or even the ever famous milk tea.


    You can play outdoor games

    Relive childhood memories of playing outside by incorporating wedding outdoor games. Just remember that the games should be appropriate for the occasion. Make sure that your guests are wearing comfortable clothing which is suited for the kinds of games you’ll ask them to participate in.


    The Dos And Don’ts of a Perfect Summer Wedding

    Now you’ve got an idea why you should hold your marriage vows during the summer, here is a list of dos and don’ts you can follow in order to ensure that everything goes right and smooth during your summer wedding.


    Do provide shade and/or ventilation

    Do Provide Shade And Or Ventilation

    You’ve learned that the beauty of a summer wedding is that it’s held outdoors. However, make sure that your guests are comfortable by making sure your venue has enough shade and/or ventilation, especially when your wedding is to be held when the sun is up high. You don’t want guests complaining right away that they are subjected under the sun throughout the program.


    Don’t spring up the wedding all of a sudden

    Don’t Spring Up The Wedding All Of A Sudden

    Summer may be a period where people are mostly free from their work and schedule, but keep in mind that your guests also have their own summer plans. Make sure you inform them that you are inviting them to your wedding at least 6-8 months prior to the date, so they can place that date especially for you. Also, try sticking to your given date. Don’t prolong the wait.


    Do wear comfortable attires

    Do Wear Comfortable Attires

    While having a theme for your wedding that your guests can adhere to is great, you should not force them to wear uncomfortable clothing if it doesn’t fit with the climate well. Consider an attire which beats the summer heat for you, your partner, and your guests.


    Don’t forget sunblock and bug protection

    Don’t Forget Sunblock And Bug Protection

    Amidst all the fun summer activities, don’t forget the fact that the sun is shining at its fullest. You should expect every day to be blisteringly hot, or even worse with temperatures rising every year. Although you’re not really going for a swim, you might want to consider applying sun block lotion as well as bug protection to keep the skin smooth and healthy.


    Do consider the ceremony hours

    Do Consider The Ceremony Hours

    Just because the weather might be clear throughout the day, it doesn’t mean that you can start the ceremony any time you want. Consider the possibilities of how hot it is going to be during your wedding ceremony in a given time period. People won’t be able to focus and you yourself won’t be able to enjoy your big day to the fullest if you are bothered by extreme heat.


    Don’t leave food out in the open

    Don’t Leave Food Out In The Open

    This is true especially when the wedding ceremony is being held outdoors. As much as possible, don’t leave perishables such as frozen desserts or the wedding cake out in the open as the sun’s heat may melt and deform it. This also goes for the main courses as they may spoil faster. Trusted caterers can ensure that the food preparation and handling process does not spoil the meals and the appetites of your guests.


    Do balance casual and formal

    Do Balance Casual And Formal

    Weddings are a solemn ceremony which calls for an invocation of blessings and vows, officially bonding couples for life. However, receptions are when the fun begins with the program and the entertainment. During the summer, guests are expected to be more energized and active. Ensure that you maintain a proper balance between the formalities and how casual the summer wedding theme’s limit would go to control the situation.


    Don’t ignore the option for an indoor venue

    Don’t Ignore The Option For An Indoor Venue

    While summer is known for spending your time mostly outdoors to enjoy the fine weather, remember that venues are not only limited to open-air ones. Just because you’re holding your wedding ceremonies during summer doesn’t mean that absolutely everything should be done outdoors. You can try combining indoor and outdoor venues to keep up with sudden changes in the weather.


    Key Takeaway

    Nothing speaks of a perfect wedding better than caterers who are willing to go all out for their clients. Here at Juan Carlo, we do our service with love, sheer hard work, and passionate dedication to ensure that you experience a comfortable and quality catering service.
    May it be a summer wedding, or for any other occasion, you can trust that we at Juan Carlo will offer you nothing but the best. If you want to know more about what we can do for you, visit our website.