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    Prospering Love Amidst The Pandemic: 7 Advantages Of A Quarantine Wedding

    What are the advantages of a quarantine wedding?

    1. More time to prepare the perfect event
    2. Open-air venues are getting popular
    3. Opportunity for a more intimate celebration
    4. Availability of social media options
    5. Memorable photos that will last a lifetime
    6. Fewer expenses on the ceremony and reception
    7. Good food is always available for catering

    Due to the pandemic, most of you have probably canceled your wedding packages in the Philippines to follow the health protocols and lockdown policies. But now that the situation has settled a little bit, there is no excuse not to celebrate your union with your loved one. It’s alright if you’re still hesitant, but there are various ways you can conduct a wedding safely. If you’re looking for encouragement, here is a list of quarantine wedding advantages. Keep on reading.

    More Time To Prepare The Perfect Event

    More Time To Prepare The Perfect Event

    If delaying your wedding has dampened your spirits, think of it in a positive light. Because the date is pushed back, you have more time to plan every detail! Some of the things you can do to prepare are the following:

    • Find inspiration for your prenup photoshoot
    • Practice your first dance
    • Make your wedding vows sweeter—and more tear-jerking
    • Curate your wedding playlist

    Open-Air Venues Are Getting Popular

    If you’ve been dreaming of an open-air wedding (or reception), this might just be your excuse to convince your partner! Kidding aside, a garden setting is the go-to of many couples during this quarantine because it provides more space for social distancing and air circulation.

    You can check out the beautiful venues of La Castellana in Intramuros for a Spanish-style open ballroom, Lights Of Love in Quezon City for a garden wedding, Narra Hill in Tagaytay for a cool breeze, and more here.

    Opportunity For A More Intimate Celebration

    Opportunity For A More Intimate Celebration

    Because of health safety concerns, inviting your whole clan to your wedding is impossible during this pandemic situation. Instead, see this as an opportunity to focus on you and your partner by planning an intimate guest list. Most people would understand why you need to cut down your invitation.

    If you’re worried about disappointing your relatives and friends, there are other ways you can involve them in this momentous celebration.

    Availability Of Social Media Options

    Because almost everyone has a smartphone, you can utilize this to your advantage. Instead of inviting numerous people to your wedding, you can opt to use online platforms such as Facebook and Zoom to host your virtual wedding.

    Aside from allowing you to conduct a safe wedding, your guests don’t have to spend money and energy to travel to your venue. All they have to do is click a button, and voila—they’re a part of your celebration.

    Memorable Photos That Will Last A Lifetime

    Memorable Photos That Will Last A Lifetime

    You’re celebrating your union with your partner during this situation. That is enough reason to make it a memorable occasion you can tell your grandchildren. If you want to memorialize this event in pictures, you can add a bit of creativity to your photography sessions.

    For example, you can incorporate the mask in your wedding outfits. From lace fabrics, abaca designs, and more mask designs—you will surely find something that fits your theme.

    Fewer Expenses On The Ceremony And Reception

    Because the industry has adapted to the current situation, the popularity of intimate and simple weddings has increased. This means that you can get away with a sophisticated but inexpensive dress and coat, which will reduce your expenses.

    Other than that, you can also reduce your costs on make-up, bridesmaid outfits, hotel for guests, gifts for the bridal party, welcome bags, and more! But the most important thing you can’t skimp on is the food, so make sure your hire a professional caterer like Juan Carlo to help you out.

    Good Food Is Always Available For Catering

    Good Food Is Always Available For Catering

    Nowadays, people are particular about who handles their food. That’s why choosing a reputable supplier is more vital now than ever. Whether you want to get food delivered to your virtual guests or your reception venue, catering is the recommended choice.

    To ensure your safety, veteran caterers like Juan Carlo will implement safety practices that are aligned with DOH’s guidelines during your event. They can offer their signature dishes through a plated service or packed meals option. The table capacity is also reduced, all staff members are fitted with PPE, and acrylic barriers are installed on the buffet table.

    Key Takeaway

    Love should be celebrated now more than ever. Instead of getting sad, you can make the most out of this pandemic situation with these quarantine wedding advantages! This momentous event will surely be a memorable experience for you and your family.

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